Saturday, March 1, 2014

Embry: 17 Months Old

17 Month Stats

Weight:  25 pounds (This morning I got 24.6 and 25.2 when weighing her)

Height:  N/A (We'll get her height next month at her well check)
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 18 months mainly, some 18-24 month stuff, still 18 month pajamas
Shoes: Size 5! Officially wears more size 5 shoes than size 4.
Eating: Eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day, drinks around 16 oz of organic whole milk per day. Still kind of picky, and definitely knows what she wants and doesn't want! Favorites are baked sweet potatoes, snacky carbs, fruit, turkey dogs, cheese
Sleeping: 11 hours straight through the night (7:30 pm-6:30 am) and one 2-3 hour nap, but typically 12:30-3:00 pm. 
Teeth: 8 teeth...I'm positive she's working on molars right now. 
Words: STILL not saying much, but is saying "Papa", "ha" for hot, a lot of correct syllables for words (ex- "ba" for ball....and for bath, "pa" for potty)
Favorite Toys: Current favorites are makeup mirror, basketball hoop, magnadoodle, her tunnel, and all outside ride toys/cars.
Favorite Books: "This is Me" by Richard Scary, "No Biting", First 100 Words, any touch and feel book 

New Things!

*She makes this new face....all.the.time! She raises her eyebrows and kinda rolls her eyes to the side and sometimes closes her eyes and blinks's a little attitude.
*She LOVES brushing her teeth. It's kind of an obsession. We don't even give her toothpaste...just water. 
*Putting makeup on herself and on others
*Turns anything and everything into a phone
*Feeds Athena all by herself (after we measure out the scoop)
*Sleeps with a pillow in her crib
*Loves to color, mainly with pens and Daddy's work papers ;)
*I think her most "happy place" is the park. She loves climbing up play scapes and doing slides all by herself. 
*Starting to like sitting on her potty chair, but must be reading a book...haha! 
*Painted for the first time this month with a brush and knew exactly what to do after watching Eliot.
*We've had to start hiding her sleep sack (with pacifier connected) up high so she can't sneak it out of her crib during the day. 
*Went to her first birthday party this month (Eliot's 3rd birthday party)
*Loves cheering/clapping for herself when she does just about anything! Haha. Love her self confidence =)
*Officially runs, it's pretty cute.
*Has been going up and down stairs for a few months, always good going up, but she has now totally mastered going down, I feel totally confident with her sitting and scooting down each stair.
*Answers yes and no to questions asked to her and follows very specific directions well. 
*Still hitting and pushing some, especially shoving kids at the park....ugh, still working on it. 
*I think I say it every month, but Embry is more fun than ever! We just love this age! It's so exhausting as she is the busiest little thing we know and is always into something new, but we love watching her explore her little world!

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