Sunday, March 16, 2014

Everything Embry: March 16

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings is going EXCELLENT around here!! Our babe who could barely make it awake past 7:00 pm despite Daddy getting home from work at 6:30 pm is now going to bed at 8:00 pm. And our 6:30 am riser is now sleeping in until 7:30 am! We had been putting E down at 7:30 and on Sunday she only took a 90 minute afternoon nap (usually 2-3 hours) so I know she'd easily go down at 8:00 pm (thinking it was 7:00 pm). She was napping at 12:30 pm, but instead of keeping it the same and having her go down at 1:30 pm, we are putting her down at 1:00 pm. 

Dallas Children's Aquarium

Sunday morning we went to the Dallas Children's Aquarium at Fair Park! We have been to the Dallas World Aquarium downtown and it's fabulous!! It's almost like a zoo!! But it's also close to $30 to get in. I had heard about this mediocre aquarium, but it being so close to our house and cheap admission, I was sold. (It was $8 to get in, but $20 for an annual membership!) It was awfully small, but it kept Embry interested for over an hour and a half, so works for me! We walked through the place in about an hour, then went outside to the stingray "petting" area and it was SOOO cool! We were the only ones there, so we got a lot of time with the stingrays! I was sooooo nervous to touch them and barely did, but Embry was all about it. 

Jelly fish!

E loved "touching" the jellies

One of the grossest things ever- huge eels


I was feeling a little "Blackfish" about this exhibit...three sharks in a tiny pool. =/

The third shark in the pool.

Two Fun Visitors

Tuesday we got to see (part of) the McCallie family and introduce them to Embry. They are family to Jacob's stepdad, Mark (who Embry is named after). It was SO great to introduce Embry to people who have been loving her and praying for her long before she was even born. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of our visit, but Embry was shy for about 8.5 seconds, then had fun showing off for a new audience. 

Wednesday afternoon we got to see the Hickey Family who was visiting from Kyle, TX. We met them in college when Jacob was their oldest sons soccer coach in Under 6 soccer. He was also the ring bearer in our wedding in 2009! He is now 13 years old! They were in town for their spring break and we had a great visit and Embry put on another good show for our friends. She had a fun with our house full of kids.  


After being teased with good weather a few weeks ago, last week was pretty cold/blah. This week week we had good weather again and, as usual, we took advantage. 

Ride 'em.....rooster??

Too cute =)

Our two best girls


FroYo after a long, hot walk

Baby blue eyes

Library time!

Target toy aisle is always a fun outing
Toddler Open Gym

Bounce house at Toddler Open Gym

Shoe shopping

Double fisting samples at Costco

Daddy got to experience the destruction/excitement of playing at Target


Usually she wants both her milk cup and water cup

When I snuck away to get ready one morning she went to town on my grocery list (and her leg)

Four lovey nap snuggle =)

We got an Easter surprise in the mail this week from Aunt Ruthie!!

Here Daddy, eat your vegetables. 

She spent a long time placing Cheerios from a bowl to a bag, and back again. 

She's always loved to be squished into her bumpers, or in the corner of her crib. Lately, she loves draping her lovey(s) over her face to fall asleep... I love going in and snapping pics of it. 

I was gagging when I made it, but E loved the bean and cheese quesadilla I made her. 

Reading alone 

She's been very, very into this puzzle this week. 
Feeding Athena her water

Loves putting our shoes on =)

She has been refusing to sit in her high chair...I had bought this table weeks ago to redo (want to paint it all white) but I got desperate to use it this worked, she'll sit and eat up!

Doll baby 

Sassy pants with her "concentration" face

More lovey face mask pics

Friday night we babysat Eliot and the babies had a fun evening together

Busy babies

Sweetest babies 

Episode of Mickey Mouse before bed
Breakfast in her table for one

Saturday morning snuggles

Feeding her babies

FaceTime with the Harts =)

FaceTime with Mimi and Papa (who were at SXSW)

Frustrated (crying) because her doll wouldn't fit in the tiny baby crib we have. hah


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