Sunday, March 9, 2014

Everything Embry: March 9

Oncologist Appointment

Tuesday was Jacob's oncologist appointment and we made the decision to do surveillance, which will be CT scans, chest x-rays and blood work over the next few years. It will be quarterly this year (already have his next CT scan for April 9), then twice a year for the next two years and then annually for a lot of years! Ha! Although it is the most expensive option and one low dose of chemo would have been fine, we would prefer that Jacob not have chemotherapy in this body if not absolutely necessary. We do know there are short term and long term effects of chemo we're hoping to avoid. We still may do sperm banking and try to fight it with our insurance company (we were told that no insurance companies cover the high costs of sperm banking) just in case the cancer does return in the other testicle and he would need immediate surgery. Anyway, after Jacob told him our decision he said he agreed and thinks it is the best option for us. So we're happy with our decision....just wish we didn't have high deductible insurance! (But at least we have insurance!) 

Mimi, Aunt Ruthie and Ford Visit

My mom, Ruthie and Ford arrived Monday late morning for a two night visit. We hadn't seen Ford in about 4.5 weeks and he's gotten so big!! The little man was a bit out of sorts as he's cutting his top two teeth and just wasn't feeling sleeping in a new place. Despite not sleeping much at night or naps, he's the happiest guy during the day!

Tuesday was my mom's birthday and it was so fun to get to spend the day with her. We went to Toddler Open Gym with the babes and they both had a great time. Tuesday night I cooked a homemade Chinese dinner and made a Butterfinger Pie. The last day of their trip I was out of commission, but overall it was a fabulous trip! 

Ford loved E's makeup mirror (Don't tell Uncle Jon ;) )

Cousin in their babyGAP stripes =)

Aunt Ruthie with the two cutest cousins

Britax buddies with their chew toys

Two big babies =)

5:30 am snuggles with Aunt Cori 


Mimi's girl and Mimi on her birthday!

Babies in motion 

Jumpy boy

Somehow during a car ride Embry stole Ford's chew toy and Ford ended up with Embry's water cup. Haha. 

The two cutest babies ever =)

Kissin' cousins

Ford's first time sitting in the big cart! (Embry was spitting non-stop as we were trying to make them smile......)

Happy Babes 

Two teething babies get frozen fruit in sink baths!


A brief moment away- Jacob and I ran to vote in the local elections Tuesday evening. 

I made homemade Chinese food for my mom's birthday dinner (fried rice and baked sweet and sour chicken) 

And a yummy homemade Butterfinger Pie!

Stomach Bug

On the last day of my mom and Ruthie's visit I woke up and went to the gym. About 4 minutes into my workout a wave of crazy nausea hit me. I ran to the bathroom and knew I had to get home. I proceeded to spend the next 12 hours with a horrible stomach bug. I basically puked my brains out for the first half of the day. Thank GOD Ruthie and my mom were still in town and they were able to stay until they put Embry down for nap at 12:30. I somehow managed to get out of bed when Embry got up from her nap and spread out a box of Ritz Bitz and just survived until Jacob was able to come home a bit early at 5:30. I still don't know how Embry or I survived those 3 hours of her being awake with me, but she was a ROCK STAR. At one point I was going in and out of sleep as I heard her playing in her kitchen alone for over 30 minutes. Once Jacob got home I crawled back into bed and managed to eat a piece of toast and fell asleep at 8:00 pm. I woke up feeling like a NEW PERSON!!  And thank GOODNESS Embry and Jacob seem to have made it by unscathed. 

Pictures by Aunt Ruthie

Ruthie brought her nice camera to Dallas and one afternoon I quickly changed E into her cute little Embry dress and we took her out for a few pictures. It was an odd day, very overcast, but yet bright at the same time. I feel like she's squinting in most of these pictures and they don't really look like her, but they're so cute anyway!


The Dallas Museum of Art Children's Area is one of our favorites to go with Embry, but since she moved to one midday nap, it's been a little tricky. They don't open until 11:00 am and so going before nap doesn't work. And during the week we just do go after nap because we don't want to be stuck downtown in the evening. Anyway, Saturday afternoon we popped over and stayed for two hours until they closed at 5:00. She had a ball and especially loved the doll house, paper dolls, and puzzles. 


Sunday Funday

Using my receipt as a phone....haha

Crying because I wouldn't let her read her library book while eating...oye!

She was quiet for about 15 min... turns out she had gotten into the pantry and found some of her PB crackers and bit the package open. Such a little stinker!

Sunday selfies

Her new aquarium from Eliot. A big hit!

Monday morning her magnadoodle kept her busy for 30 minutes, no lie! I just love this toy!!

We got this new piece for E's room and ever growing book collection! I LOVE it!

Park time

She saw the big kids playing on this monkey bar thingy and she kept trying to climb it alone.

Playing in the neighbors driveway

SMILE Embryyyyyyy =)

Her favorite breakfast...banana 'pankcakes' (banana, egg and cinnamon)

Friday  morning we found this cutie on the front porch ;)
(Haha we went out to set something out and she wanted Mommy to go back inside so she could look at us through the glass door!)

So, Embry opened our recycling garbage can and got out Jacob's milk carton he had recycled that morning. She drank any last droplets out before I could stop her (and take a picture of course)

Taking her lunch bag to MOPS! 

Checked into MOPS, got her name tag and she was off to her classroom!
For the second time in a row, no tears at drop off! Her teachers said she was great!! 

Fig bar face =)

Baby blue eyes

Pretending to sleep....with her broom....haha

Cutest girls 

Pretending to paint kept her very, very busy (using her CLOSED paints and brush)

She was so cute during her Saturday nap, I noticed in the monitor how lovey was draped over her face and I had to go in and snap a picture. 


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