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Everything Embry: March 23

St. Patrick's Day

It's no secret I love festive holiday wear for E. I mean I think she had 8 or 10 Halloween/Fall themed outfits alone. I realized a week ago she didn't have a St. Paddy's Day outfit and while perusing a thrift store I found this homemade dress for less than $2.00. Sold! We did our normal Monday routine but thought I'd make e's banana and egg pancake festive by adding food coloring....well she didn't touch it. Hah. 

Mowing on St. Patrick's Day ;)

E found a beer in our mini fridge (she loves messing with the stuff in it), couldn't help but snap a pic of her St. Paddy's wanna be partying

Festive e&e

March 17, 2013 and 2014

Beautiful Week

I loveeee being able to play with e outside. We had a few really warm afternoons that made me question how in the world we survive the summers when it's 30 degrees hotter in mid summer than that day. Oh well, I'm just going to soak up spring while we can!

Hard to tell, but this is a really high, steep slide that E lovessss to do by herself  (short video below)

Embry and Mason (who is only 11 months and taller than E!)

She has a new love, sunglasses!

Filling up the gasoline in her car

This girl kills me

Love dressing her in her "Athena" wear =)

Friday she wouldn't come inside when I was making lunch. It's hard to see but she's just sitting in her coupe car. 

At a play date at the park Friday we got a nice circle of life lesson =/ A hawk was munching on a squirrel ........ eeeeeekk 

Eliot and Embry at the park 

Race cars at the park

Seesaw =)

Waiting for Daddy to get home from work!

Playing on her new balance bike 

Doctor and Dentist

E tagged along to my annual checkup at my OBGYN this week. She was a very good girl and stayed busy with her doll and bottle and snacks =) It was weird having gone 12 months since my last appointment after going so often during pregnancy. (Everything went well with my checkup and my IUD is still taking up residence in my uterus for the time being, haha!) 

Wednesday I took her to the dentist for the first time. I wouldn't have taken her this young, but when she got hit in the mouth bad a few weeks ago I called our dentist who referred us to a pediatric dentist and they talked to me for a long time. Of course, they suggested she come in for a routine check up and I obliged since as of February 1 we have dental insurance-hah! They gave me lots of good information and then the dentist did a quick exam and said her teeth look great. The only thing they noted is she has a "short" and "thick" frenulum (frenulum labii inferioris- the small fold of tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums)  and that she may need it clipped down the road. I too had a short frenulum and also had mine clipped. So we'll just keep an eye on it over the next few years =) I loved the dentist himself who's also an orthodontist. I was scared to ask about it, but told him Embry still takes a pacifier in her crib and in the car and he assured me there is nothing wrong with it. He reinforced what my pediatrician said and letting them self wean off of it between ages 3-4 is totally fine for the amount that Embry uses it.  He did suggest getting her the 18-36 month size paci which I got a two pack and I'm going to throw all the rest away so that she ONLY has them attached to her sleep sack and car seat. Oh and also, E was the first toddler they've had in a while that didn't cry during the exam despite being held down and having a strange man with a light in her face. Good girl =)

At Mommy's doctor's office, feeding her baby 

Going to the dentist

After her exam!


Feeding her baby doll

Sweeping with Daddy

A very orange dinner: mac'n'cheese, sweet potatoes, and a cutie 

Feeding our baby dolls

She rearranged her room one morning 

Toddler Open Gym

Watching Ford's first haircut video

She's so independent during bath time I've started reading during it. 

I kept a friends two girls for a bit on Thursday morning. The three girls had a good time together, although E still has a hard time sharing sometimes ;)

Bekah, Embry, and Hannah

E was very, very fussy before nap Thursday- I ended up rocking her a bit and she fell asleep a good 20 min before naptime. 

I checked the monitor during a nap and noticed I couldn't see her face at all. I snuck in her room and was cracking up at her "lovey mask" she made. 

Crazy girl!

She loves her car paci =) And doll

Found E a balance bike at a thrift store for $14 this week! Hope she doesn't mind blue!

Mom, can we please get this moped?!?!?

We got a new next door neighbor this week and made brownies for her. I gave E a half of a piece of brownie after dinner that night....she loved it!

I'm afraid she's inherited my sweet tooth and Jacob's love of brownies =)

FaceTime with Mimi and Tomi

Playing in her corner

A fun new playground at another mall in Dallas

Goofy girl

Add caption

A cutie eating a cutie 
Saturday she ate lunch after her nap since she threw a huge tantrum before nap....Ugh! 

In humid weather E gets a little curl in her hair

Dinner with a donkey =)

Uncle Luke and Lauren came in town for a few hours on Saturday afternoon for a visit

Uncle Luke, E and Daddy 


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