Sunday, February 23, 2014

Everything Embry: February 23

President's Day

We kept Eliot during the day on Monday since his school was closed. That afternoon we switched and they kept Embry for me while I grocery shopped alone.....heavenly =) 

Anyway, we went to the Dallas Arboretum and the kids had a ball. There was a petting zoo, face painting, etc...but they had more fun just running around the two of them. 

Girly girl mowing the lawn

Hugs for Mommy =)

Smelling the flowers

Snack time 

Sweet babies!



We had a week of fabulous, fabulous weather and we basically spent the whole week at various parks. We went to six DIFFERENT parks and we went to our neighborhood park 3 times, so yeah we spent lots of time at the park playing. Embry is a slide park we went to had a huge twisty slide and she went all by herself and ended up coming down face first??!! And went back for more. She definitely didn't get her bravery from me, hah! 

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Toddler Open Gym

We went to our normal Tuesday morning spot at a Dallas Rec Center to Toddler Open Gym. E, of course, had a blast. 

Mimi and Papa Visit

Friday early evening my parents arrived for a fun weekend visit. Saturday morning we went to Hypnotic Donuts around the corner which was recently named one of the top 20 donut shops in the country! We also went to Klyde Warren Park, our neighborhood park, out for dinner at a new seafood restaurant in our area and lots of Emmy time. And biggest of all, Embry is now obsessed with saying "Papa"!! 

Mowing the sidewalk waiting for Mimi and Papa to arrive

Hypnotic donuts!


Breakfast time

Chicken biscuit from Hypnotic 


Klyde Warren Park downtown Dallas

3 generations =)

"Embry, can you smilleeeeeee"....uhhhh haha

Sunday morning strollin' to the park

She finally is enjoying swinging again...she loved it until about 12 months, then hated it. 

Poor girl gets no attention ;)

Saying bye bye to Mimi and Papa


Visit with the Hadens (The family I babysat for for 2.5 years before E was born)

Crazy post bath hair

Makeup with Daddy

I can't even remember why she was throwing a fit, but it was a very pitiful reason....

Pitiful girl

Girls =)

Eliot uses an Aden & Anais blanket as a "lovey" and after Monday watching Eliot....all week Embry cuddled with her elephant A&A blanket.

Crazy long finger toes

Clapping for herself =)

Makeup with her friends Amity and Viviene =)

Bath time with Mommy 

Ready for MOPS.
Sidenote: The teachers at MOPS told me she holds her own in the childcare and "wrestles with the boys"...........haha. Oh my little tough girl.

Crazy hair

I found a fab deal on thermal PJs a few weeks ago and Ruthie and I jumped on it and got them monogrammed for the babes (I have found a super cheap monogram place near me and am addicted) So yeah, only 10 months in advance!!! Haha!


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