Sunday, March 30, 2014

Everything Embry: March 30


Yesterday morning reinforced my feelings (and Embry's) about getting out of the house. She was sick Friday and the only time we left the house was to go watch tree trimmers next door on our front porch for about 10 minutes. Saturday morning came along and we were packing up to go visit the Harts who are at a hotel in town (Ruthie's at a conference in town). Embry was throwing a huge fit pointing at the car. I opened the doors and handed her every toy, snack, etc. that was in there. No luck. I tried the stroller, her doll stroller, lawn mower, etc. while she screamed at pointed at the car. I finally put her in her carseat and she stopped and started buckling herself in. She's like her mama and can't just sit at home! Hahaha! 

Last Sunday morning Jacob and I decided to get out of the house by 9 am. We decided to go grab sodas at McDonald's and let Embry play. Even though she had eaten breakfast with EACH of us at home, we thought well we'll get her pancakes to try (3 pancakes). She ate every single last bite. 

We decided the McD's pancakes smelled EXACTLY like cupcake batter! 

North Park Mall 

Had to use one of Mommy's bags as a purse =)

Playing in the Disney Store 

Story time outside downtown. 

Klyde Warren Park! Outdoor story time!

Dance time at the library!

Toddler Open Gym =)

Visited Daddy at work one afternoon 


Helping Daddy

Duck lips =)

Prettiest girl =)

Stomach Bug?

There are very few things that I dreaded about becoming a mom, but something at the top of the list was the first puke session. She has projectile vomited before in San Francisco after getting carsick...that was terrible. Well, Thursday night/Friday morning at 1:00 am I woke up to E crying and coughing. I took my time getting up and going in to soothe her. I actually went and got her some water first to take in. Jacob was up and asked if he should go in to rock her. I walked in and smelled it. Eeeekkk throw up EVERYWHERE. Poor girl was crying and pointing at the puke all over her sleep sack. She's in a new phase where she doesn't like to be dirty, or get anything on her. Well her crib, pillow, bumpers, loveys, face, hair, PJs, sleep sack, everything was covered in puke. Thank God for Jacob who helped me undress her and sent me to bathe her while he cleaned everything up. We all got back into bed about 2:00 am and she woke up at 3:30, 4:30 and 6:30 coughing and crying. Each of the times she had only coughed up some clear liquid. So around 7:30 am I gave her a piece of toast. She wasn't acting that sick, just extra cuddly. She was having Jacob chase her around, she was playing, etc. Well the toast came up at 9:00 am. I called the pedi just to get some advice and they said stick with the BRAT diet, but smaller doses (like half a piece of toast). She honestly was acting fine and took small bits of banana and toast throughout the day and didn't throw up after 9:00 am. She took a great nap and was in good spirits. 

Then Saturday she was totally fine, we saw the Harts, Jacob and I went on a date (woo hoo!) and then after we got home about 11:00 pm I heard her crying and coughing....more PUKE!!! Ughhh! After almost 48 hours of no throwing up, it was back. We did the puke clean up shuffle as I dealt with E and Jacob dealt with the vomit. This time I learned my lesson and put the beach towel OVER the pillow this time. She threw up again at 2:00 am and then slept until 6:30. She's been in decent spirits today, she took a good hour long nap on me about 9:00 am . So I'm starting to think it's something she ate (maybe her milk that I'm tossing out) or maybe it's just a funky virus that is spotty and lasts long? Who knows. Either way, hoping for a healthy week this week!

We watched a LOT of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... =/

Wait, where's the rest of my banana mom? (After she shoveled in a third of it)

Playing dress up with a bag of hand me downs a neighbor dropped off =)

Smelling the flower on Mommy's shirt

Watching the tree trimmers next door. 


We were cuddling watching tv and I realized she was asleep at 12:30 despite nap time being 1:00 pm. I quickly laid her down in her crib and she slept until 3:00. Yay. 

Good advice from some Mommy friends, beach towels in the crib. It was thick enough for when she puked I could change the towel and it didn't soak through the sheets. 

Fourth pair of PJs in a 24 hour period. (This was after dinner and bath in the evening)

Sunday morning nap on Mommy


As I mentioned above, the Harts were in Dallas this weekend staying at a hotel where Ruthie was attending a blogging conference. Saturday morning I had the brilliant idea to pack up and go swim in the hotel pool with Jon and Ford. Well turns out the indoor pool was one of those indoor pools that's connected to the outdoor pool. It was FREEZING. Like miserably cold. And of course I still made Embry get in and she was miserable. The whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes until we gave up and went back to our house. Jon and Ford came over until nap-time. The cousins had a great time together. It's so cute that Ford is becoming interactive with Embry. =)

This is how E felt about swimming in the icy water. 

Feeding her life size baby doll

Ford gnawing on a doll =)

Kissin' cousins

My two favorite babes=)


Reading right in Athena's way

First time playing with PlayDoh

I'm obsessed with her cute sleeping pictures if you can't tell

She wanted in my lap Sunday afternoon while I was reading US Weekly. She sat still through the ENTIRE magazine pointing things out. =)

Little poser

Keeping busy in her room. 

FaceTime with Papa and Tomi

One evening when Jacob and I were eating dinner, E wanted down and she went and read in her room alone for 20 minutes. Such a good girl =)

She's in a phase where she wants us to swaddle her dolls, so one evening I decided to swaddle her. Mummy baby!

Swaddled at 2 weeks and 18 months old in the same blanket. 

Feeding Athena

Into everything

Quite a stressful afternoon at the Higgins household

Homemade bath paint! Huge hit! It's baby wash, corn starch and food coloring. (I bought VERY cheap baby wash as I didn't want to use her PRICEY Aveno)

She loved it! 

I even rigged up a way where I didn't have to hold the paint bowl and she couldn't spill it!

After her painting bath, she got out her paints (unopened) and sat at her table pretending to paint while Jacob and I ate dinner. 
More lovey mask sleep pics =)

So into chips and dip

Got this pic Saturday night when Jacob and I were actually out on a date!! Yay! (We saw Divergent- SOOOOO good!) 


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