Sunday, March 2, 2014

Everything Embry: March 2

Seventeen Months

Embry turned 17 Months yesterday. Her monthly post is here

Here are some outtakes from our very active girls "monthly photo shoot".

Grandma Gordon Visit

Last Sunday Jacob's Grandma Gordon came by for a visit with her sister and a friend who had just finished a four day dance seminar here in town. We had a great visit with them and went out for a delicious lunch. 

3 of 4 generations =)

E loves her great grandma =)

Toddler Open Gym Accident and Snotty Mess

This week at Toddler Open Gym E had a ball until the end when she got pretty hurt. She was standing behind the little swing in the second picture when a little boy came up and held the swing up, and let it go while she was right there. It hit her right in the mouth/lip and hit her so hard she fell flat back. Her lip was bloody immediately and swollen and more scary was the little piece of gums between her two top teeth was swollen, big time. She let me hold ice on it and after a few hours after nap (and of course some froyo) she seemed fine. I did call a pediatric dentist and talked to a hygienist for a while and she eased my worry and told me her gums were just swollen. It was a bit scary, but she's totally over it. 

I don't think she fully understands popcicles =) haha

Monday during E's nap she barely slept. She coughed and coughed and maybe slept 30 minutes. It sounded a little barky to me so I called the pediatrician and they assured me if she had croup she'd be running a fever. They did recommend having her breathe really cold air for 5-10 minutes (they suggested out of the freezer!) and then do to a steam shower and have her sit in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes. I also decided to put a pillow in her crib to elevate her a bit. She LOVES her pillow so much, it's awfully cute. She was so congested and has been all week, but ever since has been sleeping GREAT. It's amazing!  Although, I'm sooo ready for the runny nose to be gone!! 

Freezer air

Sleeping on her pillow

Steam room cuddles with Mommy (and her milk cup)

Tomi's Visit

Thursday evening my sister, Aunt Tomi, arrived for a visit. She left Saturday morning to head to some wedding festivities she's a part of, but we had a fun visit. Friday morning we went to the Dallas Zoo with some neighborhood friends since it was the last day of "Penguin Day's" ($5.00 admission). Embry was a little young to get much enjoyment out of the animal part of the zoo....but loved being with her "friends". 

She loves her cars outside!

Headed to the zoo!

Checking out the koi fish in the children's zoo area

The playground in the children's zoo area was a huge hit. 

Hanging out in an egg with Amity and Viviene 

The giraffe area was the coolest! You can pay $5 to feed them and they get sooo close to you. (Or you can stand by the people who paid $5 to feel them and still get close!) 

Kiddos checking out the lions

Mamas (and Aunt Tomi) and babies =)

The chimps were SO cool! They came up and were putting on a good show for us. 
Sweet blue eyed babe

Strollin' with Aunt Tomi 

Wearing Aunt Tomi's sandals as purses 


Painting with her Valentine's Day present from Mommy and Daddy

Sparkly black shoes =)

Park time

Reading alone in her room

Strollin' with her milk cup

Our two cutie blonde girls

Her new attitude face.... ugh mom, please I'm trying to read.

Have I mentioned how bad I feel for dogs with toddlers.... 

Galleria Play Place

Who ME?

Two purses, two puppies and a pony.

Mommy's little helper at Trader Joe's

Reasons My Toddler Is Crying: We were talking to Aunt Tomi on speaker phone and she couldn't see Tomi on the screen (Thinking we were FaceTiming....)

Just sit back and relax a little Embry...come on! ;)

Reading with Eliot and Lauren

Love her love of books =)

E had some tummy troubles Friday and Saturday, but luckily she lovessss prunes! 

Library trip

Naked reading

Watching Daddy play tennis at the park =)


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