Sunday, July 30, 2017

The House of Higgins: July 30

Summer Fun Days Camp

The second and fourth weeks of this month both kiddos went to "Summer Fun Days" at our church- a day camp Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! They both loved it and I loved getting some time alone to get stuff done! 

Summer Time Swimming

Ah, we've reached the part of summer where it's too hot to do anything outside that doesn't involve swimming. We have friends who are members of a local pool with water slides and all! We've been several times with them over the past few weeks and we love it! We also discovered a friends apartment pool nearby that makes you feel like you're in Hawaii! 

Dallas Children's Theater: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Embry and I had a really fun date night out to go to see the children's musical, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters based on the children's book. Last summer we went to see Pinkalicious and this year we went with the same group of moms and kids. We all went to Cici's Pizza before hand just like last year =) Embry wanted to meet two of the characters afterwards and have her picture taken with them. We were right by the guy who played the king and he wanted to take a picture with her and she goes- "no thanks". Hahah. 

Anniversary Weekend

My awesome inlaws offered to take the kids in Austin for the whole weekend for our anniversary! Jacob and I had so much fun just having a relaxing "stay cation" at our house! We realized we've not been at our house alone, together, since Embry was born. We went out to dinners, brunch, a movie, a comedy club! The kids had a blast in Austin! I met them halfway in Waco Sunday and I was totally expecting Embry to be normal to me/still into E-Pa and Todd to be kinda clingy once he saw me but it was shockingly flipped. Todd seemed to be like- hey mom, cool you're here, I'll go back to hanging out and Embry didn't want to leave my side. 

Car naps after a busy weekend at Kiki and E-Pa's

Five Year Water Table Picture Remake

Embry's first summer I got this water table for $3 at a thrift store and one of my fave pics was taken of Embry and Eliot. We've done a picture remake every year and it's pretty much now the only time we use the gross old water table. Hah. Jacob wants to throw it away every fall and spring and I don't let him. 







2016 with Todd

2017 with Todd 

Backyard Pool


We've started doing "Morning Message"- she's starting to sound out words and recognize some sight words! Totally not pushing reading on her, but watching her start to get it is so fun! 

New rug for the play room!

National Ice Cream Day

Madden and Todd

Making slime!

Zoodle loving boy!

For the first time, Embry wanted to cash in her piggy bank money and buy a toy. She had $5.12 and she bought some little trinket toy that had 6 babies and 6 animals. She took taking care of them SO seriously and told me "I cant believe I'm a mom now!" 

BLTs with tomatoes from our garden! 

Water beads- a fun indoor summer activity we recently discovered!

New canvases for Embry's room! 3 of my fave pictures of her ever!

Todd's first cheeseburger 

We love our city!