Monday, September 25, 2017

The House of Higgins: September 25

Dallas Zoo

Back to School Haircuts

Embry's First Soccer Season

We signed Embry up for soccer after she found out her friend Sophie got a trophy at the end of her soccer season. We then found out we were placed on a team with no coach so they sent a desperate email and Jacob agreed to coach. So it's a learning experience for us all. Embry's having fun and seems to be semi-aggressive during practice, but doesn't care to kick the ball in a game....haha At least she's cute while she plays ;)

Labor Day Weekend in Dallas with the Harts

The Harts decided to come to Dallas for Labor Day weekend and we had SUCH a great time! It worked out perfectly and they stayed at our neighbors house since they were out of town, so no kids sleep had to be disturbed and everyone had their own rooms! The cousins had lots of fun play time, we went to the zoo, had lots of yummy meals, had a cookout with friends, etc.! 

Meet the Teacher

Murder Mystery Dinner

Jacob and I had a fun date night- we went to a murder mystery dinner hosted by a couple in his Toastmasters class. It was such a fun night out and something different we'd never done before! 

First Day of School

Jacob's 32nd Birthday

Jacob's birthday fell on a Tuesday and he had to work (of course!). He requested a certain chicken meal I make and the kids and I made him brownies with sprinkles! 

Embry's Double Ear Infection and Todd's Well Check

The Friday before Todd's birthday Embry woke up twice in the night screaming of "cheek" pain. I didn't think much of it when she said it was feeling better that morning. (But looking back she's only ever woken up in the night crying last summer when she had a double ear infection). That morning we were playing at a park and she told me it hurt behind her ear. It hit me that she may have been having sinus pain and sure enough when I asked about her cheek hurting in the night she pointed right to her temple. So that evening we went to our doctor and sure enough, raging double ear infection. Poor thing!

While we were saying bye to our doctor, I said- we'll see you for Todd's well check in 4 days! She offered to go see her final patient and come back to do his well check.  At this point it was past 5pm, but to save us a trip the following week we went for it! Both kids even got their flu shots! So much checked off our list! Hah! 

Todd's well check was perfect- he's healthy and right on track developmentally in all areas! Other great news- his tubes are both still in place in his ears, hooray! He's a big boy and half an inch taller than his sister was at age two and a few pounds heavier as we 

Todd's 2nd Birthday

Our Todder Man turned TWO on September 18! (His two year update on the blog is here !) His birthday was a lot of fun! He woke up and we let him open all of his presents! We'd been saving all of his gifts he'd gotten in the mail and he (and Embry) loved tearing through all of them! Embry picked him out a new Mickey shirt and a Mickey car and we got him lots of books, a new fox t-shirt and a semi-truck! He had school that day and took birthday treats in for his class. That afternoon we met friends at Monster Yogurt-our favorite froyo place! And then came home for one of his favorites for dinner- pizza! Daddy made it home in time for cake and to tuck in our big 2 year old! (More on Embry and Todd's party soon!)