Sunday, February 7, 2016

The House of Higgins: February 7

Jacob Cancer Update

This week we had an appointment with Jacob's oncologist, Dr. Savin, at Texas Oncology. He had his bi-annual PET scan a few weeks ago and we found out that it was all clear. We're bummed that his doctor is moving to Portland, but he set us up with his partner and Jacob will be seeing him in the future. Also, we are moving to annual PET scans and blood work, so we won't be back until early 2017. 

From February 2014 to 2016, the progression of Jacob's oncology appointments! (He could only get in on a school day for Embry so she wasn't there with us)

Todd Urology Update

Right after Jacob's oncology appointment we had Todd's follow up with his pediatric urology, Dr. Nosnik. He said Todd is healing really well from both surgeries. We have an appointment in 3 months for one final check up. He said he's still swollen from the hydrocele (hernia) surgery, but I certainly can't tell since his testicles were so swollen from the hernias beforehand. The swelling is expected for six months post surgery, so totally normal.

Worn out from a morning of doctor's appointments!

Perot Museum


The three musketeers- William, Caroline, Embry

It was World Cancer Day (Feb 4) so we were wearing our purple to support! Had to snap a pic in front of the purple wall!

Happy Swinging Boy

We tried Todder boy in the front yard swing for the first time this week and to say he loved it would be an understatement!


Another fun day of gymnastics

Little stinker rolling machine...this seems to help most of the time, but he can still roll to his back (and then flip out) some. OYEEEEEEE

A baby in anything cuter?

Poor second child. He stayed the whole hour and a half or more that we were there on a blanket alone...happy as a clam.....haha

T likes Teen Mom too ;)

E&E tea party

So I said it for 7 months straight before Embry got teeth...but I swear he's teething!!!!!!!!!! Drooling machine and hands in his mouth at all times.

Doesn't everyone need a monogram for their highchair?

Toddy went to the childcare at MOPS on Friday for the first time. 3 hours away from Mommy and the childcare workers in his room said he did fantastic and was "sooooooo sweet". Yes, he has a super cute fox backpack of course!

Sweet boy getting burped right before bed

Saturday Jacob took Embry to the Home Depot Workshop where she made a Valentine's Mailbox! Super cute!

Concentration eye brows haha

The final product

Daddy's cutest house plant
Movie night! Lasted 25 minutes before at 7:26 she requested to go bed...haha


Sunday, January 31, 2016

The House of Higgins: January 31


Friday was exceptionally nice and we met four other moms and a bunch of kids at the Arboretum for a picnic. I only snapped a few pics of my kiddos before the kids started running around and getting into puddles...hah.

Kiki & E-Pa Visit

Kiki and E-Pa arrived Friday evening for a visit and a celebration of Kiki's birthday (a week late). Embry had fun decorating cupcakes for Kiki's birthday the day they arrived. Embry had a birthday party for a friend at Chuck E. Cheese Saturday midday, so Kiki, E-Pa and Jacob took her and had fun watching her play games...and be DEATHLY afraid of Chuck E. That evening we went to Hibachi for Kiki's birthday and it went over much better than the last time we took E almost 2 years ago when she was TERRIFIED of the fire. She loved using the chopsticks to eat her salad...the chicken not so much, ugh! 

Ready for Zoe's birthday party! (Zoe is the one who got E hooked on My Little Pony)

E-Pa and Daddy playing games =)

Todd having fun at home with Mommy while the others went to the party

Happy boy after a 2 hour nap!

Party pooper at dinner taking his evening nap!

Kiki and EPa with their girl =)

Eating her salad with chop sticks

Kiki and her grands =)


Todd just can't get enough of her and she's always in his face! hah!

E's been super into teeny tiny toys lately...which get lost OFTEN. Here's a "baby squirrel"!

Little Miss requested pig tails for school =)

Waiting for class to start...making a stuffed animal walk on the balance beam =)

Tiger princess at Caroline's House


I noticed in the monitor she was all wonky! Hah.

Making a domino train track

Had to wake up T to go pick up Embry from school and T was such a trooper!

The juiciest legs!

Costco lunch date!

I cannot handle this cuteness!!!

This guy can't roll back to tummy yet, but somehow scoots around the house. He was on his play mat facing the other direction!