Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Embry: 2.75 Years Old

2.75 Year Stats
Weight: 32 pounds (I always have her step on the scale at my millions of doctors appointments) (Jacob looked up her percentiles- she's around 80% for weight)
Height: 38.5 inches...grown another TWO full inches since April 1! (90% for height)
Diapers: NO diapers!!!!!!!! Potty trained SO easily right at 2.5 years old, basically took one day. No diapers or pull-ups at night either. 
Clothes: Anywhere from 2T-4T! Have I mentioned how much I hate how different brands vary so much? I'd say most of her clothes are 3T.
Shoes: Size 7 still. We've been stalled out at 7 for a long time! I have a lot of summer size 8 shoes, hope she'll fit into them soon!
Eating: Blah, very picky. But loves fruits and veggies! Favorites are broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, salads, and pretty much all fruit! 
Sleeping: 11+ hours straight through the night (8:00 pm-7:00 am). Nap at 1:00 pm, typically for 2-3 hours.
Teeth: 16 teeth...STILL no 2 year molars.
Favorite Toys: "Crafts", dolls, any pretend play in general!
Favorite Books: Oh the Places You'll Go, Highlights Magazine, Sneetches, anything she picks out herself at the library
Favorite Shows/Characters: Team Umizoomi and Dora are top faves currently. 

Funny Things She's Said:
*In April I was telling her "Embry did you know Daddy is a lawyer? That's what he does for his job." She exclaimed, "NO! Daddy's KING!!!"
*She refers to anyone she knows a "me friend so-and-so". Example- Me friend Daddy, me friend Mimi, me friend Eliot"
*When saying I love you she says "I love you all day" every single time.
*One of her latest sayings is- "I'm just fine". (Embry, do you need to go potty? "No, I'm just fine".
*She is FOREVER getting annoyed with me or Jacob leaving things where they don't belong. I realized I make an "UGH" sound when I'm annoyed and she's totally picked up on it. She especially can't stand if we leave our shoes by the back door. Multiple times a day I hear "UGH MOMMY! Shoes in the shoe basket!"
*Very polite, says "no thank you", "yes please", etc. on her own.
*"Me tummy all hungry" or "Me tummy all full"
*Jacob asked her a list of her favorite people...."1. Mommy 2. Embry 3. Lovey 4. Mommy 5. Daddy 6. Embry" was her answer....hah!
*Me- "Embry, what's Mommy going to do all day while you're at school?" E- "Go night-night at home all day" Hah! I guess she thinks I lead a life of luxury! 

New Things
*Potty trained! Potty trained right after she was 2.5. It was way easier than I thought it would be! She immediately stayed dry at nap and at night too and is now sleeping in undies. Knock on wood, no bed wetting accidents! I was just looking at her 2.5 year update and that was April was only 3 weeks later that something clicked and she was just potty trained! Seriously one of the easiest parenting tasks I've done- I think waiting a bit worked well for her.
*No more car pacifier. Still has it for nap/night in her bed and no plans to take that away any time soon! One day I just took away the car one and she asked for a few days and I told her we'd buy one at the store sometime and she just forgot about it.
*Started "school" once a week on June 15. She loves going and would probably be happy going 5 days a week, but I'm currently on ready to give up one day with her! Hah! She starts going twice a week after Labor Day. She is always excited to go, the teachers say she does great, and she always wants to go back when we're leaving. She naps well at school, but it's too short of a nap for her...only about 75-90 min. She's been making up for it on Tuesdays with a solid 4 hour nap! Crazy girl loves her sleep!
*Sleeping in a big girl bed (twin sized bed) and doing great. I was in NO rush to get her moved into one over the past year, I know a lot of people do around age 2, but she slept SO great in her crib so I wasn't in a big hurry. Well I'm happy to announce that she sleeps just as long in her crib! Still 8p-7a (or later) and a 2-3 hour nap! She's only gotten out of it once and it was at nap time and she got out and asked for one more book, hah. She doesn't even get out by herself in the mornings. She usually just plays in her bed or calls "Me need to go potty!!"
*Not new, but her love of doing "crafts" is stronger than ever. She especially loves making cards and decorating envelopes for people. Luckily Papa gave her about 300 cards and envelopes with his old company's letter head on it.
*I'm sure I'm jinxing myself, but I realized we haven't been to her pediatrician since her 2 year well check. We've been lucky that she's been awfully healthy lately! (Minus a mini tummy bug in Austin this month)
*Loves telling anyone and everyone that Mommy has a new baby in her tummy. She is going to be the best big sister! She already loves "feeding" baby Todd (by putting food up to my belly button, hah!). At first she didn't like Baby Todd and would say, no! Baby Boy! But now she calls him Baby Todd and Baby Boy equally!
*Can write the letters "E" and "T". Need to start working on others, but starting in September her school will start doing the alphabet, one letter per week. Summer is a less strict curriculum.
*Can't believe our girl will be THREE years old in just 3 months! Time is sure flying!

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