Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everything Embry: July 12

Baby Todd: 28 Week Update

It was basically a week full of doctor's appointments...and a little bit of pregnancy drama! 

Over the past two weeks my fasting blood sugar number was getting slightly higher. I mentioned this two weeks ago and it was hoovering around the upper limit (95) and even creeped up to 100 and 101. I immediately called my doctor and she wanted me to see an endocrinologist. The head nurse at my OBGYN's office has been amazing and was literally a shoulder for me to cry on. She made me understand that my diet controlled numbers are perfectly fine and there's nothing I can do if my blood sugar spikes overnight, it's just what some placenta's do during pregnancy. 

Anyway, about a week ago ALL of my blood sugar readings seemed high and it was a bit alarming. Regardless, I saw the endocrinologist Tuesday and loved her. She wanted to start me on three units of insulin at night to try to lower my blood sugar overnight. It didn't seem to help and in fact my numbers were all crazy high Wednesday. My intuition told me something was wrong with my meter and not my blood sugar. Thursday morning I ran back to my endocrinologist (after my hematologist appointment) and we did an experiment...picture below.... It was one hour after I ate, meaning my blood sugar should have been under 140... My meter on the left showed 40 points higher than the meter in the office. SO, we trashed the monitor and they got me a new one. I'm still on the low dose of insulin (injection at night), but everything seems back settled. So much stress!!!!!!!! Also notable, in the blood work they did there, they did a blood sugar average of my last three months and it was in the perfectly normal range, which they were thrilled about. So, yay! 

Thursday I saw my hematologist for a quick checkup and blood work. Everything is fine and I got the date for my switchover from Lovenox to Heparin...August 27. I'll be 35 weeks and I'll switch from once daily Lovenox injections to twice daily Heparin. It's standard to switch at the end of your pregnancy since Heparin is the IV form of Lovenox (and we'll have to draw up the shot with a syringe daily) and only stays in your system 12 hours versus 24 hours. 

Friday I saw my OBGYN...well technically I saw one of the OBGYNs in the office. I'm still doing the rounds where I need to see each doctor in the practice. Everything was fine and Todd's heart rate was 150 bpm. I go back for a 30 week checkup to my OBGYN and the perinatologist on July 28. 

Nightly insulin shot

Day With Baby June

Monday afternoon my friend Monica from Austin arrived to our house for a business trip to Dallas! We kept Baby June all day Tuesday while her mama worked here in town. Embry LOVED having a baby around all day...I just know she'll be the best big sister. She was very sad when she woke up Wednesday morning and Baby June was gone. She's periodically asked for her to come back during the week.

Girls in blue!

Headed to one of my many doctor's appointments this week

Showing June her Barbies....June's super impressed ;)

Soft pretzel at Sam's for the win!

Books before nap time

Playing during Embry's FOUR hour nap!

Happy to see each other after nap

During E's long nap I had fun making June play model =)

Day Trip to Frisco

Wednesday we loaded up our car with our friends Annie, William, and "Baby Bonnie" and went for a day at IKEA in Frisco. Of course it's claimed that it's the Dallas IKEA, but it's a good 40 min from our house so a trip there takes a whole morning/day. The kids had a blast and Embry ran through the entire store. Annie wore a FitBit and we walked over 1.5 miles in the store, hah! At checkout, the pretty much worst thing happened....We realized Lovey was lost. Thank God someone turned it in to one of the little bays in the middle of the store and I found it retracing our steps.... Ahhh! We ended the day with lunch at Rosa's, seriously one of the best Mexican restaurants!

Three car seats actually fit in my second row...barely

Thank goodness, Lovey was FOUND!

Six Year Anniversary

Yesterday was our six year wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a nice dinner out at Terelli's! E stayed with a babysitter, family friend who she hasn't seen in over a year, and it was so cute she was basically shuffling us out the door to play with "her friend Lexi". So nice to have a kid who will basically go to anyone! Can't wait for our anniversary next year when I can enjoy some champagne ;)



TimeHop photo remake. Our girls exactly one year apart.

You know your mom is on Lovenox when you ask for alcohol pads to play doctor

I think being around Aunt Ruthie nursing last weekend and Monica nursing June at our house, Embry was very into breast feeding her dolls. She even got pretty upset when no milk was coming out.


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