Sunday, July 5, 2015

Everything Embry: July 5

Embry's 2.75 Year Update

Wednesday I posted Embry's "quarterly update" here!

Here she is at 2.25, 2.5, and 2.75 =)

Daddy Daughter Zoo Day

Last Sunday morning we all got up and Jacob wanted to take Embry to the zoo. I was *this* close to tagging along, but then I remembered I have 11 weeks left until Baby Todd comes, so I decided to soak up my alone time! Once we told Embry I wasn't coming she thought it was so funny to say I couldn't come- only her and daddy.

Dallas Arboretum: Children's Garden

We met friends at the Children's Garden at the Dallas Arboretum one morning nice and early so we avoided the afternoon heat. We had an absolute blast exploring for hours. It makes me feel so lucky we live SO close to such a neat place. You definitely don't feel like you are 5 minutes from downtown Dallas!

Embry, Christina and Cammie

More of Our Week

Trying out one of the Dallas Rec Center pools

Crafts, all dayyyy long!

Reading to her baby doll in Toddy's room

Swimming in our neighbors pool

Morning walk with my girls

Mommy and Me drinks from Target! Icee and iced coffee

Austin for Fourth of July

We spend the holiday weekend in Austin with both of our families and had a great time. We left Thursday night and spent Friday with my family, where Embry was in the pool from 9am-7pm and only got out to eat and nap! Friday we went to a Fourth of July party hosted by Jacob's parents!

Mommy and E's festive nails

Wagon ride with Papa

Embry's drawing of Athena, Embry, and Mimi =)

Pool day!

Popsicles at the pool!

Lucy and Embry in their new headbands!

E and Daddy

Little shopping girl with Papa and Mimi

The question is, will we get a third year out of the smocked flag dress

E loving on Uncle Bug, who she was quite sweet on this weekend

Playing hide-and-go-seek.... Nope, we can't see you Embry! Ha!

Embry playing corn hole with Daddy and Dan


Dancing machines

Our whole family =)

Four generations- Kiki, Daddy, Great G-Pa Cockayne and E

Late night bedtime stories with Daddy on Fourth of July

Beading on our car ride home

30 minute stop at Buccee's


Pinkalicious in her pink hand-me-down cowboy boots!

Watching the bulk pickup trucks on the street, hah

I made us a big salad for dinner and E was too hungry to use silverware, hah

She loves wearing a towel like Daddy after bathing

FaceTiming Daddy working late


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