Sunday, July 26, 2015

Everything Embry: July 26

Todd's Nursery Progress

Sunday Jacob and I spent the day painting Toddy's room and taking turns entertaining Embry. I decided to go bold with navy on the walls! With four windows and four doors in the room and the fact that it's the biggest bedroom in our house, I figured we could go bold! I absolutely love it! Embry and I left for a week in Austin the next day so I'm ready to get stuff up on the walls over the next few weeks.


Week in Austin

This past Monday I picked up Embry from school early (right at their nap time) and we hit the road for our last trip to Austin before Baby Toddy makes his appearance!! We spent the week relaxing, having pool days at both grandparents house, I had dinners out with friends a few nights, and just soaking up our last week in Austin with just one kiddo!

Monday morning play house time before we leave town

Monday before school- she always makes her teachers things before school. Love my little teacher's pet ;)

My good car napper!

Evening swim at Mimi and Papa's when we arrived in town!

She happily still sleeps in a crib in Austin at both grandparents house which is nice

Ready to go to a Movie at the theater!

Ford came and Embry really wanted to share a chair with him! Ha! And a popcorn bowl.

My last cut and color before baby boy

Embry and her 40 closest high school friends during a Young Life event at Mimi and Papa's house

A full day of popcorn, ice cream, cookies and a cupcake. Sounds like a normal day in Austin, hah!

Giving Ford his birthday presents!

Pool side cuddles with Lucy girl

She just adores her Uncle James

Working in the outdoor kitchen ;)

Hanging at the Hart's House for the day!

At the Hart's neighborhood pool

Cutest cousins

Lucy Joy!

Embry feeding Lucy her bottle

Lovey got a monogram!

Ruthie and I went a little monogram crazy during nap!

Matching cousins!

Chopping veggies with Mimi

Little Land Play Center

Pool day with Kiki and E-Pa

Helping E-Pa water her tree

New princess nightgown from Kiki and E-Pa!

Smooching baby Lucy

Swimming with Papa right up until bedtime

Obligatory stop at Buc-Ee's in Temple! Girlfriend loves her Icee's!

Happy to be home with Daddy!

Todd's "Sprinkle"

Saturday my mom and sister hosted a "sprinkle" for me and Todd and it was perfect! We got spoiled with so many generous gifts and saw a ton of our sweet friends!

Toddy's chair from Mimi and Papa!

Wreath by Aunt Ruthie!

Avery and Embry

Embry, Amelia, and Avery- born October 1, 2012- October 2, 2013- and October 3, 2014

Me and the hostesses!!!

Me and the two grandmas! Kiki and Mimi


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