Sunday, July 19, 2015

Everything Embry: July 19

Visit From Mimi and Papa

Sunday morning Mimi and Papa arrived at 10:00 am for a two day stay. We immediately hit the Children's Garden at the Arboretum where we all kind of melted, but had fun. It really is quite an amazing place! We spent the afternoon cooling off and then putting together a FREE, yes, FREE, playhouse that I got from a neighborhood Facebook group! Embry was so cute when she got up from her nap and found her playhouse. She also only let Mimi in her house, no one else. Hah. Fine by me! We all went out for dinner and froyo after our hot day outside.

Monday, Embry went to school and I had my first girls day with my mom without Embry in almost 3 years! We had fun shopping for things for Toddy's nursery, lunching and getting pedicures. We swam in our neighbors pool after school and had dinner before Mimi and Papa hit the road, when Embry literally bawled crying that she didn't want Mimi to go. So sweet. Luckily we're headed to Austin this week =)

Crossing the pond with Daddy

Mimi telling time with the sun

E's pretty much thrilled to have her Mimi and Papa on her stomping grounds

Jacob and my dad having too much fun with the water guns

Watching the puppet show

Of course, Mimi cleaning the play house, hah!

View from our back steps

Embry was in love with her playhouse when she woke up from her nap! And she'd only allow Mimi inside with her. At one point the rest of us weren't even allowed outside- hah!

My half-bun Dugg Burger! OMG!!!


We pretty much put Mimi and Papa to work when they're here. Changing the knobs on Toddy's dresser.

Makeup with Mimi Monday morning

Headband braid for school by Mimi

Mother daughter pedicures!

Showing Mimi her art work at school!

Sonic Happy Hour drinks after school

Mimi's girl

SEA LIFE Aquarium in Grapevine

Tuesday we loaded up our car with our friends and all caravanned to Grapevine, TX to check out SEA LIFE Aquarium. It shares a parking lot with Lego Land and is basically like kid HQ of Grapevine. It was a pretty cool aquarium and all the kids seemed to love it! And this pregnant mom enjoyed an activity inside.

The three musketeers!


Naps and Play time after the aquarium at our house

Craft time with William

Popsicles in "Embry's Estate"

William's first tea party...we realized boys aren't nearly as dainty and gentle as girls at tea party....hah

Swimming at Caroline's

Getting so big!

Our besties we met at swim lessons last summer! So thankful for our friends.

Bahama Beach Water Park

Saturday we used a Groupon to go to a city owned water park in south Dallas. Embry had an absolute blast. Jacob kept talking about how fun it was to see her laugh and giggle the entire time. She wasn't a big fan of the kids play area and just wanted to do the lazy river over and over and over and over......... We lasted a few hours and she passed out in the car on the way home and napped another 3 hours once we got there!

Looking at pictures of the water park Saturday morning


Her new favorite toy..."KD" the kitty from Mimi and Papa

Baby wearing and a cute top knot

New favorite toy I had hidden a year ago, hah! Melissa and Doug clock from the Harts

Making her pizza

I asked her to smile and I got this.... VERY into "Ta Da" lately

When you trust a two year old to butter their own waffle.....

We had our friend Lexi over for dinner (who babysat E last weekend) and Embry wouldn't let me in the playroom to play with them....haha

Embry and "me friend Lexi"

Secrets with my girl

Daddy's home!!!

Dinner in the play house

First viewing of Shrek. Once Princess Fiona was introduced, she had to wear her crown too.


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  1. Looks like such a fun week! Love the pictures!