Sunday, June 28, 2015

Everything Embry: June 28

Testicular Cancer Update

Monday morning Jacob went in for his bi-annual PET Scan at Texas Oncology. Wednesday morning we went in for the results and, as expected, he's healthy as can be and cancer free! We adore his oncologist who always remembers little details about Jacob's job, Embry, etc. Crazy, the next time we go back, we'll have another little one tagging along! 

26 Week Baby Update

I had a slew of appointments this week for my pregnancy. Wednesday I met with the Diabetes Clinic and got a bit of a lecture. I test my blood sugar fasting in the morning and after each meal. I've been kicking butt and having really low numbers, especially after my three meals, but have been right at the limit for the fasting, and a few mornings up to 5 "points" higher. He made me write down what I've eaten all week, especially in the evenings, and turns out I have taken too many carbs out of my diet. I thought I was doing a bit of a bonus if I was allotted 3 servings of carbs at dinner and I didn't eat any. Turns out it can be doing just as much damage as eating too many carbs. So, I've made sure to eat some healthy carbs, especially at dinner where I was cutting them out completely. 

Friday we went to the high risk OBGYN and my OBGYN. We got a sonogram at the high risk and even a 3D sonogram. Baby Toddy is already soooo cute! Jacob thinks he looks exactly like me....but I still have my doubts! Hah! We shall see in less than 12 weeks! Also, his measurements of head, abdomen, and femur have him measuring exactly at 26 weeks, so very average sized. Everything else looks normal and healthy, yay!

My OB was a quick tummy check and everything went fine there as well. Hooray for "boring" doctor's appointments.

26 Week Bump!

Our Week

Counting the fish at school

After school we stopped for Sonic Happy Hour and took it across the street to White Rock Lake

I told E this was a running path at the lake and she insisted on running it the rest of the time, hah

Tuesday we rode the free trolley downtown to Klyde Warren park to take advantage of their Imagination Playground and splash park! We went with a friend with two boys who E gets along great with!

Getting back on the trolley to head home

She napped from 1:00-5:00 pm after our downtown adventure! Mommy napped for about an hour as well-hah

We took full advantage of our neighbors pool this week and swam there two afternoons, one time for 2.5 hours

At one point she thought she had a floatie on...and didn't and "swam" to me! Shockingly it didn't scare her and we did it over and over- she would jump off the step and "swim" underwater about 5 feet to me.

We saw Despicable Me at Alamo Draft House Summer "Kids Camp"- tickets are only $1 =) She loved the movie and kept saying- This movie is soooo silly

Just a little popcorn...... ;)

Getting ready for date night!
Jacob and I did a date night swap with our neighbors and went out to dinner and a movie Friday. Embry did great going down at their house at bedtime- we picked her up about 10:30 and she transferred fine at home!

Fish City Grill (I had to trade my mashed potatoes for Jacob's veggies....LOL)

Jurassic World in 3D! Very cool!

Pictures we got from Embry's "Sleep over"

Goodnight smooches from Eliot

Toddler toga made out of her swaddle blanket!

Saturday afternoon ice cream

Saturday splash padding =)


Father's Day books with Daddy

This girl could do "crafts" all day long!

Our little barista making our morning coffee

My little bell pepper thief

I went to a fun take home spa party where we made foot soaks, body scrub and facial masks!

Giant baby!

Reading nook


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