Sunday, June 1, 2014

Embry: 20 Months Old

20 Month Stats

Weight:  26.8 pounds

Height: n/a
Diapers: Size 5- just moved her up yesterday! 
Clothes: 18 months, 18-24 month stuff, some 24 month stuff but most is baggy on her, 18-24 mo or 24 months pajamas
Shoes: Size 5 
Eating: I feel like we have turned a corner with her pickiness. She's trying a lot of new foods, finally red sauces (lasagna, pastas, etc), salads, pretty much anything we're eating she wants to try. She still will have a meal or two where she doesn't want what I serve her. Eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day.....or lots of snacks a day! Drinks around 8-16 oz of organic whole milk per day and lots of water. Favorites are "pancakes" (banana and egg), any bread/toast/crackers, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, peanut butter, mac 'n cheese. 
Sleeping: 11+ hours straight through the night (8:00 pm-7:00/7:30 am) Nap at 1:00 pm, typically for 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours. 
Teeth: 12 teeth, no new teeth this month. 
Words: A few new words- go, park, boo.... still not talking a ton =/
Favorite Toys: kitchen, play food, dolls, doll high chair, shopping cart, doll strollers, coloring books/crayons
Favorite Books:  Oh The Places You'll Go, The Eye Book, Global Babies (a book she picked out at the library weeks ago and insists on reading it every day- it just has pictures of babies in countries all over the world)

New Things!

*Walks up and down stairs upright, without holding onto anything. We have four steps out our back door to our carport and she doesn't crawl up or sit down them anymore =)
*Something funny happened a few weeks ago. She brought me a Cheez-It box while I was cooking her breakfast and I told her no. She walked back to the pantry and around to the bathroom where Jacob was getting ready for work. I heard him say- "No, Embry go ask Mommy." Little stinker had gone to see if the other parent would give her crackers! 
*Gets off the ground when jumping.
*Finally says one with her finger when you ask her how old she is. 
*Loves to do "ready, set.... and yell GO!" Her little voice is the cutest. 
*Also loves to yell - BOO! when hiding or "scaring" someone. 
*Loves to sit at her table and color
*Loves to feed her baby dolls food from her kitchen, ALL.DAY.LONG.
*Loves holding real babies, including Ford, who is only a pound or two less than her!
*Not nearly as picky as she used to be. Very interested in all of our food and wants to taste. 
*Very funny about not liking change. For instance, I rearranged one room and she was stressed for a few days about it, pointing for things to go back to their old spots. 
*First set of pigtails this month, yup, post worthy!
*We have decided she gets some motion sickness. After puking during bad stop and go traffic, while rear facing this past month, we've permanently faced her forward in the car. 
*Since she's forward facing she yells out "Par" anytime we pass a park or playscape. She also claps when we turn onto our street and she sees the house on the corner meaning that we're close to home. 

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