Sunday, June 15, 2014

Everything Embry: June 15

Happy Father's Day

We've had a relaxing, low key Father's Day Weekend, as per Jacob's request. Saturday all went to the park midmorning and came home and Embry's mood totally changed. She was burning up, running a fever and super crabby. She didn't touch lunch and then went down for a 3+ hour nap. We were debating going out for a hibachi dinner that night, but Jacob decided he'd like to grill out and hang around home that afternoon in case E was sick. She woke up with no fever (we kept her on Motrin) and was definitely better, but still cranky off and on. This morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and have just been having a relaxing day around the house. 

Painting wrapping paper for Daddy's gifts on Friday

Daddy's gifts

One of our gifts for Jacob =)

I'll catch you Daddy! Park before E started running fever

We've already gotten every penny worth of the $10 I spent on this slide. She slid down it about 60 times yesterday alone. 

Saturday dinner outside

Sunday morning- Rad Like Dad


Lotssss of smooches for Papa on FaceTime

Happiest of Father's Days to all the dads out there, but especially to my baby daddy!

And my own daddy =)

Swim Lessons

Monday Embry and I started a two week session of "mommy and me"  swim lessons at a local rec center. We go Monday-Thursday for two weeks straight, so we're halfway through. The first day was a freak COLD, rainy day and it was in the 60's when class started. Luckily because it was colder outside than the water temp, it felt like a warm bath. Embry loved the first two days, giggling and smiling the whole time...then I made her go under water a few times and she was kind of a pill the third and fourth days. Thursday was also cold and actually raining during our lesson, so only three people showed up. Anyway, we'll see how the second week goes! I am mad I didn't snap a pic of her on Tuesday, but I got one the other three days. 




Big Girl Undies

Tuesday we got Embry her first few pairs of "undies" and they couldn't be cuter. She loves to sit on her potty chair and does so every time I go during the day, but has yet to actually pee. Her favorite part is wiping with toilet paper.... haha One afternoon we were home for a few hours and she kept her undies dry the whole time and waiting until I put a diaper on her for dinner to pee... Slow steps I guess. The next day she insisted on wearing two pair and since we were running some errands I put them over her diaper. She was very pleased with them. =)

Driving a toy truck in her undies 

Drinking out of a big cup in undies, so big 

Praying Girl

We say grace at dinner each night and a few months ago when we forgot Embry reminded us. She usually likes to watch us and then claps when we're done, but this week she joined in. It has been very cute. The first night she did it, it was after I had a rough evening with her, she has really ampted up her fake cry and was putting it to use and I was at my wits end. When she prayed and squeezed her little eyes so tight my heart melted and I totally forgot about the rough evening we had. 


With swim lessons this week we didn't make it out and about as much as we normally do. But we did discover a bookstore in our neighborhood that a friend urged me to go see a few weeks ago. We finally swung in one afternoon and ended up staying for over an hour. Embry loves books and Lucky Dog Books was no exception. It's a little local used bookstore who is having a 40 day sale for their 4oth anniversary. Each day you get a free book. So fun. So we went two days in a row =) And I went back Friday night alone ;) 

Love her little head tilt 

Just one more book mom!

Biggest girl 

Michael's Craft Store was a huge hit, especially the plastic animal section 

And then she found the purses.....

Play date with MOPS friends. 

Tired after our play date at the park 

Pajamas at the park 


Last Sunday, a lovely little fit 

Moshi Pillow sleep mask 

Making whole wheat zucchini carrot muffins that she GOBBLED!! 

I'm obsessed with her sleeping pictures!!!

Kicking my feet up while Embry uses her Dust Buster ;)

Feeding her dolly 

Perfect pigtails 

Embry's dolls napping, also with pillows over their head 

Ever since I moved her to the 18month and up paci, she usually uses it upside down. No clue why.

Minnie flap book, always a favorite

She now loves drinking out of a big cup. Mimi got her a little Tervis Tumbler she loves

Smooches for Athena

She woke up from nap and I had a hat on... Miss Priss NEEDED her hat on and kept it on for all the errands 

For some reason this week she loved sitting in this box in her room =)

Her "This is Me" book she loves 

Daddy taking his girls jogging, their new evening ritual  

Embry helping Mommy read.........

One morning we had to take two of her dolls and Minnie outside for a nap.....

Naptime =  my sanity!!!!!

Front porch Popsicling  

E learned to use the hose...and loves it!

A little white trash? Hah! I'm totally okay with it! Naked baby watering the yard!

Pajama posing 

Post nap crazy hair!!!

I guess she doesn't need to me to do the Nose Frida anymore... She's got it covered. 

My long legged beauty 


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