Monday, June 2, 2014

Everything Embry: June 2

20 Months

In case you missed it, I posted Embry's 20 Month Update yesterday! Jacob asked me last week, when do we stop referring to her age in months? Hah! I guess at 2? When people have asked her age lately I've said, she'll be two in October. So crazy! Is it weird I want to continue the monthly photos through age 3.....?  Here are some outtakes from a very painful "photo shoot"...she really wanted to take her own photo....

For you SNL fans ;) "I love it I love it I love it!" 

Memorial Day

If you know me, you know I love me some festive holiday clothes for Embry. We spent Memorial Day together as a little family and went out to Jacob's favorite for lunch...Mr. Gattis Pizza...haha! That afternoon I did some solo errands and grocery shopping, which is so efficient without a toddler! ;)

Mr. Gattis mac'n cheese

Last year on Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2013 & 2014

Our Short Week at Home

We left for Austin Friday midday, so after having Jacob home on Monday, our week seemed really short. We squeezed in a few park trips, our first trip to our neighborhood splash park, a Kindermusik class at the library, and a trip to the Galleria Mall play place. 

Cruisin' with my best girl 

There is now no driving past a park without her noticing. Since she's facing forward she can see out the window much better now and she SCREAMS when we pass a park. And when we turn on to our street! It's so cute. 

Queen of the park 

"Hugs" for Athena 

Waiting for her sticker after class

She always manages to get into my gloves and get them both on by herself, something I struggle with, haha

Coloring quietly while Mommy and Daddy eat dinner

Galleria Mall playscape 


We picked up a new-to-us slide for $10 off a Facebook resale group! E loves it!

Minnie Mouse romper from Gramma and Grampa Great! 


Embry and I drove to Austin on Friday at noon and had a lovely 5.5 hour drive down.... we ran into two bad spots where we were stuck for an hour each time. Ugh! Embry was seriously the best baby ever. She never cried, despite waking up from her nap after an hour because of the stopped traffic. She was super content and happy the whole time. Anyway, we stayed with the Harts for the weekend and Jacob met us Saturday morning. We had a fun day playing and then that night me, Jacob and Embry attended a wedding. The Harts were so generous and picked up Embry from us at 7:00 pm, so that she could go to bed at their house. There were tons of people that wanted to see her/meet her, so it was perfect, she made an appearance for a bit, but then Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy our evening and night! She even had Uncle Jon put her to bed and she went down like a pro! 

Sunday morning we spent with Jacob's parents where we (Jacob) celebrated "Daughter's Day with Embry. He made this "holiday" last summer for the weekend between Mother's and Father's Day. He had bought her a ton of new toys last weekend and wrapped them himself. Anyway, he hit the road at nap time and Embry and I moved our stuff to my parents house for the week. We spent the afternoon with Ruthie and Jon's community group where Embry loved holding the "babies" who are only a few months younger than her. 

We're looking forward to spending our week with lots of fun play dates, dinners with friends, and good family time when we're here this week! 

Keeping busy in the car wit her magnadoodle

Playing with Ford's water table 

Aunt Tomi and E

Holding Fordy boy 

Snoozing at the Harts

Loves holding her cousin 

Cutest cousins 

Man I had quite a workout pushing 50 pounds of baby

Playing with Aunt Ruthie

Holding Gia, who is 14 months old 

Swimming with Athena in the Harts pool 

Cutest cousins

Meeting sweet Taylor- one of Jacob's best friends daughters =)

Embry and Kiki

This is how Embry helps with corn hole

The Huffmans =) 

Weighing herself on her 20 months birthday for her post

Daughters Day 

One of her gifts- a new bubble machine! It's pretty awesome!

Bubbles with E-Pa

Reading with Kiki

Napping with her baby doll and E-Pa

Kiki and E-pa's Pool Girl

Getting smooches from Great Grandma Gordon

Naked basketball with Papa before skinny dipping in the pool 

Holding baby Maverick

Playing alone outside 

Playing with Ethan and Maverick 

Gazing at the cute girl in the mirror

Once again, holding Ford

Looking sleepy on our drive home, and with Minnie stickers all over

One last slam dunk with Uncle James

Bath with Mimi and Papa

Coloring with her babies 

Bedtime books with Papa


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