Sunday, June 22, 2014

Everything Embry: June 22

Swim Lessons:  Part Two

This was our second week of "Mommy & Me" swim lessons. This week was definitely better than the second part of last week. She was excited when we'd arrive at the pool each day and would even give her teacher, Mr. Micah, a high five each day (which she wouldn't do last week, hah)! It was a fun 2 week session, but I'm not sure she learned a WHOLE lot. I am glad that we had two weeks at the beginning of summer to get into the pool every day and get reacquainted with the pool =) 

Miss Priss

Playing at the splash park before class started 

Tuesday bikini with bun pigtails, cutest!

She dosed off on the 10 minute drive home Tuesday 

Running to lessons with dolly 

Last day of lessons with a sassy swimsuit 

That little belly :)


Swim lessons kept us very busy again this week, but we still managed to have some pretty fun outings. The Ringling Brothers Circus clowns put on an awesome (free) show at the library like they did last year to advertise the circus coming to town in August. It was in the afternoon so our bud Eliot met us there =) Wednesday we met Lauren and Eliot at a new popsicle place in a cool part of town (supposedly popsicles are the new cupcake) and then we all headed to Lucky Dog books afterwards for our free book of the day! Thursday before our last day of swim lessons, we met my friend, Ashli, for breakfast at a cute little diner where the kids pancake was a MICKEY pancake. So fun. I started a book club with some of my MOPS group for the summer and we meet Fridays for two hours and have free childcare! Woo Hoo! Embry was in the same class as she was during MOPS, so had no problem being left. That morning though, right when I got out of the shower our power went out! We had over an hour until book club started so we packed up and went to McDonald's for breakfast and to let her play. Lastly, Saturday we went and used a Groupon deal for a Hibachi place, and let's just say Embry wasn't so impressed with the fire "show"...hah! Poor thing. 

Love how she's watching Eliot and not the clown! Hah!

Cheering for the clowns juggling! 


She LOVED the clown show, but wasn't so sure about taking a picture with them. 

Gotta love a comparison pic! Different clowns, similar expression on Embry ;)

Walking to Steel City Pops, Eliot too E's hand and helped Embry "not get in the mud" (despite there being ZERO mud around, haha Lauren and I were dying)

Lemonade popsicle for the win! (Mommy had pineapple jalapeno, omg!)

Baby Belle ;)

Mickey pancake =)

Hovering over some ornery little boys at the McD's playground

Then she started scrubbing the floor....oh brother. 

A little nervous still 

Dallas Children's Aquarium

Saturday morning Lauren and I both had working husbands and decided we had to get the kids out of the house! We'd been to the  Children's Aquarium once and it was perfect for young toddlers. I ended up spending the $20 for the year long pass (wish I would have done it when I went a few months ago). But three reasons this place is awesome- it's SO close (about a 6 minute drive), it's nice and COOL inside, and it opens at 9:00 am! And when your child is up at 7 am, it's nice to have somewhere to go early. We killed 2.5 hours with the kiddos and we all four had a good time! 

Fountain on the walk to the aquarium! 

They now hold hands on their own accord. Couldn't be cuter. 




Headed outside to the sting ray tank!

Embry was fearless in petting the sting rays a few months ago, and not so much now. She didn't love touching them. 

Walking back to the car, but hitting up the fountain on the way!
Ring around the rosie with her pal


Fruit & Veggies girl

She decided she needed her own bowl of Mommy's Pei Wei left overs

Making her baby smell the flowers

Sweetest girl 

Happy face =)

Fake crying at its finest 

Watering flowers with Daddy 

FaceTime with Fordy doodle. He got in trouble by his Mommy for standing in the tub on the right, LOL 

Sweetest curly q's sleeper

Aunt Tomi is so good about calling us and FaceTiming every few days! E always loves to smooch her on the phone. 

She loves her books 

Saying her prayers

Ready for our breakfast date with "Auntie" Ashli 

This is how well potty training is going around here. She put her little mini doll in the toilet and kept telling me "SHHHHHHHHHH" Oh my gosh! Haha

We've definitely had a few (or a lot) of crabby moments this week. She is getting in her canine teeth....whew, they must be killing her. Poor thing.

My little sailor girl

Popsicle queen 


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