Sunday, May 25, 2014

Everything Embry: May 25

New Toys

So we've had one of those weeks. Not good. After sinking$350 into fixing our old refrigerator at the end of April, our fridge broke again and was not able to be fixed, so we we had to rush and buy a new one Tuesday morning. Luckily Lowe's was able to get one delivered and installed within hours so we didn't lose much food. Thursday within hours Jacob got a flat tire and had to have his car towed and I found out I have a leak in an axle in my car and repairs will cost $1,200. So as "mom" and "dad" we got a few new "toys" this week....and are currently searching for seeds for a money tree..... ;)

But this week I also spent the best $3.92 I have in awhile. I found a cute, old doll high chair that's quite rickety, but does the job. and she has had a ball with it! It has been reinforced with a different color piece of wood, so within the next few days I plan to spray paint it white to match her table and chairs that I finally primed and painted this week. 

Mommy's new kitchen toy 

My $5.00 find a few months ago

After being painted 

Love how it looks like an old Jenny Lind high chair, like her crib!


We totally missed the Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum this year, which is one of my favorite exhibits. (The spring tulip festival). It was actually a cold, rainy spring and we just never made it. So I'm determined to go to the Arboretum a bunch before it gets too hot to be enjoyable. One morning we didn't have any plans and so we were there soon after it opened at 9:00 am and spent a few hours there. I never attempted to get a picture of Embry posed and smiling, I just let her run around and I loved capturing her running the whole time. She barely sat in the stroller at all. And when I was going through photos that afternoon, I noticed she was clutching her doll in every photo. Too cute!

Mimi, Papa, and Uncle James

This weekend, like last Memorial weekend, James has a basketball tournament here in town. We've gotten to see a few games around Embry's schedule and hung out with Mimi and Papa for a few meals =) Embry is eating up time with them, as usual. At one point in a restaurant I took Embry to the bathroom, kicking and screaming "PAPA  PAPA"! She got right back on his lap after a diaper change. Sweet girl! The tournament is still going on and I'm actually headed to a game now, during Embry's nap, while Jacob stays behind with a sleeping Embry. 

Playing cars on the floor with Papa

She insisted on carrying her "purse" (lunchbox with snacks) into the game like Mommy with her purse

After a big "W"! 

Talking on the phone during the game

Even dolls get hungry during basketball games ;)

Sweetest uncle =)

Horse ride with Mimi

Playground with Papa

Basketball tournaments sure wear me out!


Helping Daddy plant some flowers

She loves reaching for the airplanes when she hears them

Pretty girl =)

She loves her dolls oh so much

Sitting outside waiting for Daddy

Helping me water the flowers 

Loved this serious little profile shot =)

Being silly 

Helping Daddy bathe Athena. When she heard Jacob say bath for Athena she got so excited and ran and got one of her washcloths in the bathroom =)

Long haired baby!


Last Sunday family Home Depot trip

So ready to go! Daddy takes foreverrrrrr in Home Depot

We've seen a HUGE turn around in Embry's eating habits this week. She is wanting to try all of our food and her pickiness seems to have gone out the window! Thank goodness! Enjoying mashed potatoes 

Before her doll highchair, feeding her baby in the Bumbo

Peanut Butter....yummmmm

Nappy, nappy hair after nap one day

Good Mommy feeding her baby cookies ;)

She's getting good at dressing herself! She can get pants and skirts on...and part of shirts! hah

More feeding her babies 

Her new backpack came in =) 

Pajama party with Eliot =)

She got caught drawing on her hand with a pen and I told her "NO!" and she got her feelings veryyyyy hurt. 

Open Gym!!!

No more picky child! Chowing on my salad for lunch!

Being a good girl while the car gets worked on. E was drug to so many car places this week and was such a trooper! 

If you know Jacob, you know he's obsessed with Maps and geography. I found this gigantic board book of maps for kids for $1.99 at Goodwill this week. He loves that Embry is into it!

Friday night I went out to watch a friends band in action

Reading our new (giant) maps book


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