Sunday, June 8, 2014

Everything Embry: June 8

Week in Austin

Embry and I stayed in Austin this past week and had a great time seeing friends and family. We had play dates every day and a few nights I got out with friends =) As usual, we had a ball and it makes us wish we lived in Austin. Soon hopefully =)

Breakfast at Jardin Corona with Mimi! We managed to go twice for breakfast =)

One of Mimi's new toys, a fishing puzzle 

Doing makeup in Mimi and Papa's room 

Play date with some of my high school friends and their fall 2012 toddlers =) And Mimi 

Such a good Mimi sliding with Embry 

E and her friend Morgan =)

Popsicle were a big hit this week. E had one each afternoon, usually naked ;)

Cleaning off

Papa and Embry 

Embry's dolls napping 

Cousins celebrating Uncle James' birthday!

Can't believe my baby brother is turning 16! Glad we were there to celebrate!

Love him so much!

Original four Fanning kids

Uncle James and his nephew and niece

Playing in the pack n play with KD the cat 

We FaceTimed every morning and evening with Daddy 

Bedtime books with Papa

Splash pad play date Tuesday morning. Didn't get a pic of her with any of the other kiddos 

Popsicles with James and Demi 

This girl loves her Mimi 

Two peas in a pod, sunbathing cuties 

She just kills me with her cuteness

Embry and Avery. Born Oct 1, 2012 and October 2, 2013. Their two mamas have been best friends for decades =)

Me and my six best friends from high school (and our two babies)

Cousins playing peekaboo with James

Embry had a week full of "holding" babies. She loves it!

We love our Fordy Doodle!

We tagged along for Ford's second haircut! 
She drove this bike for Ford's whole haircut 

Posing with Mimi

Cutest boy with his fresh cut

Another afternoon swimming 

Embry having popsicles with Brooklyn and Kennedy (Demi's little sisters) 

She LOVED playing with the two big girls. Plopped herself down right between them

Floating cousins

Playing Ring Around The Rosie 

Playing with the big girls 

Bubble machine!

She was a GREAT sleeper while we were in Austin. Sleeping in until 8:00 am most days! And taking 3 hour naps!

FaceTime Peekaboo 


Coloring, coloring, coloring! 

Play date at Aunt Ruthie's house! E and Chael building a block tower

Embry holding baby Taylor  (Their daddies have been friends for 20 years!)

Popsicle at Kiki and E-Pa's house

Bath time with Great Grandma and Kiki 

Playing Peekaboo with Great Grandma Gordon!

Scootering with Kiki 

Embry and Lux! (Lux is Jacob's cousin's, Jeremy, little girl!)

Mimi surprised us with Embry's first nightgown! 

Mimi and Papa have a doctors kit and Embry was loving "checking up" Ford

Doctor Emmy Sue

Doing a checkup on her baby 

Last day splashing in Mimi and Papa's pool 

Cutest Papa and two grands ever 

Playground with Papa

Home Sweet Home

As much fun as we have in Austin, it's always so nice to get home! (Although, as usual, she had a hard time accepting our ottoman doesn't open like Mimi's, haha) We were home Friday afternoon and Embry was SO excited to see Jacob when he got home from work. She is sometimes hit or miss with her homecomings, but this time she was SOOOO happy to see her Daddy. She was extra cuddly with him and of course Jacob was wrapped around her finger all weekend. 

Our 100% juice Popsicles aren't nearly as yummy as Mimi's and Kiki's- haha

Posing in her new night gown. Looking so old!

Decorating our Dress-Me-Up plate for Father's Day

Library carnival - tie dying a shirt 

Getting a balloon animal at the library carnival

Miss Attitude talking on the "phone" (Computer cord)

Backyard paradise 

Popsicles in the pool

Perfect Saturday afternoon =)

Little daredevil 

Very into drinking out of big cups 

Mommy's little helper 


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