Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Embry: 18 Months Old

18 Month Stats

Weight:  25.6 pounds 

Height:  N/A (We'll get her height and stats at her well check later this month)
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 18 months, 18-24 month stuff, we just got out her cotton PJs and put her fleece ones away....they're all 18-24 mo or 24 months.
Shoes: Size 5 
Eating: Eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day, drinks around 16 oz of organic whole milk per day. Still kind of picky, and definitely knows what she wants and doesn't want! Favorites are baked sweet potatoes, Tyson chicken patties, grapes, bananas, "pancakes" (banana and egg), any bread/toast/crackers
Sleeping: 11 hours straight through the night (8:00 pm-7:00/7:30 am) Nap at 1:00 pm, typically for 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours. 
Teeth: 9 teeth. Her first lower molar just broke through within the past two days (during the tummy bug, ugh)
Words: STILL not saying much, but is saying "Papa", "Mama",  "ha" for hot, a lot of correct syllables for words (ex- "ba" for ball....and for bath, "pa" for potty) I have stressed a lot about her talking but keep being reassured that since she for SURE understands almost everything we tell her, that she's just a late talker. Everything I read and friends I talk to say there's nothing to worry about. But I will for sure bring it up to the pediatrician later this month. 
Favorite Toys: Current favorites are Melissa and Doug Farm puzzle, dolls and doll bottles, makeup mirror, basketball hoop.
Favorite Books:  Her thing this month is any flip book! Jacob has started hiding them during bedtime, loves touch and feel books, and typically lets Jacob read the whole "The Places You'll Go" book at night (which is a LONG book!). Still loves "This is Me" and loves shushing the picture of the sleeping pig =)

New Things!

*Had her first tummy bug (and still battling it). She's a champ about throwing up, just cries until we get her cleaned up and then goes about her day or night.
*First dentist appointment
*Slept with the humidifier almost all month. She had a long cough/cold for about the first 2/3 of March.
*On a new sleep schedule because of daylight savings and I love it! Stays up until 8:00 pm and doesn't get up in the 6 o'clock hour anymore! Yay!!
*Prays at dinner. We forgot to say grace one evening and realized she was folding her hands and closing her eyes. So sweet. 
*Has a "sign" for lovey. She hooks up her elbow like she's holding a baby and rocks back and forth when she wants lovey. So cute. 
*Loves to have her baby dolls swaddled, I think I spend more time swaddling babies now than I did when Embry was a newborn ;)
*I'm sure I say this every month, but she plays so well alone. She is always disappearing to play with her kitchen alone, or read a few books.
*Loves coloring, with pens.
*I'm predicting (maybe to positively) that she's going to be easy to potty train. She has started to "tell me" when she goes in her diaper. She also was naked one evening and starting stressing out and then peed on the floor. I think she's learning the sensation.
*Went through a phase where she was refusing to sit in her highchair so we got her little table and chairs out. She's over the highchair refusal, but still likes to sit at her table some.
*She's always enjoyed bath time, but we now give her lots of cups, measuring cups, buckets, etc. and leave the water running really low and she stays busy for 30-45 minutes.
*Falls asleep with her loveys draped over her face.
*Loves to get out of the house, like her Mama.
*Favorite form of communication is pointing and grunting.
*Loves to wear sunglasses, especially when she sees Mommy wearing hers.
*Has two breakfasts every morning. One bowl of Cheerios with Jacob and then I make her breakfast when I get home from the gym (usually a banana/egg pancake, sometimes toast)

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