Sunday, April 20, 2014

Everything Embry: April 20

Easter Bunny

Last Sunday morning we went to the Bass Pro Shop right outside of Dallas to see the free Easter Bunny. It went better than actual crying. She liked him from afar and kept waving, but didn't like him when I set her on his lap. 

Sunday Morning Selfie 

Went straight for the Mickey Mouse fishing poles

New way she likes to sleep. 

Sleepover with Eliot

Sunday afternoon Eliot got dropped off at our house (Embry was actually still down for her nap) and we babysat him overnight. We had a great afternoon and evening seeing what it's like having two kids! Both babies did great, luckily they're both on the same schedule, both went down at 8:00 pm and both slept until after 8:00 am! 

Helping Daddy/Jacob with some yard work

Rad like Dad

Bath paint

More pillow on top of her sleeping


Monday afternoon Embry and I hit the road to Austin. We visiting Daddy at work Monday morning since Embry slept in so late and missed him before he went to work. We had a lot of fun in Austin. We went to story time with friends, went to Embry's first Egg Hunt with Ruthie's MOPS group, had a fun afternoon with Kiki, E-Pa and Luke, and I enjoyed going out with friends a few nights and getting my hair done while in town! Thursday we got up and headed to the lake house for a few days! 

Smooching Daddy goodbye 

Napping in the car

Mamas night out! 

Embry and Ford! 

Egg hunt with Ruthie's MOPS group! She was a PRO!!!


Bubbes with Kiki 

Dinner time 

Eating Kiki's cupcakes 

Playing in the tub 


While in Austin I went through a few pictures of me around Embry's age. I think she's looking a little more like me...maybe not 90% Daddy 10% Mommy anymore ;) 

Lake House

Thursday morning we got out to the lake with Mimi and by that afternoon Papa, James, Tomi, and the Harts were all there! We stayed until midday Saturday and enjoyed lots of cousin time, some beach time (she did nottttttt love the sand), an egg hunt, Easter Basket from Mimi and Papa, dying eggs, and lots of play time! Besides having to get used to the sand by crying it out.... and battling some allergies, Embry was really good at the lake. She struggles with seeing "her Mimi" hold baby Ford. She was fine if Mimi handed Ford off to me even, but Mimi couldn't hold him =/ She's definitely a Mimi's girl. 

She loved playing with her eggs all week from her first egg hunt

Playing with cars

This girl loves her Mimi. 

Bouncing babies 

Ford had a teething fever for a bit while we were there =( 

She had her first ever sink bath in this sink last Easter. 

FaceTiming with Daddy while wrestling with Ford

Airplane with Aunt Ruthie

Life's better at the lake

Breakfast babies 

Nibbles from Papa

Magnadoodle with Uncle James

Her first experience with sand this trip..... not good.... 

I forced her to play in it 

Can't wait for our beach trip this summer!

I couldn't resist these hats for the babes for Easter!

Loves her Fordy boy!

She had her first sucker on the beach.... until it fell in the sand! 

Sweetest cousins!

E had his hand trapped for a bit.... haha

Our best girl!

Dying Easter Eggs!

Double sink bath!

Ruthie took some impromptu pics of Embry Saturday morning. So sweet!

Egg Hunt #2 of the week

"Camping" and E-Pa and Kiki's

Saturday midday Embry and I left to go meet Jacob and his family at a campsite his uncle had for the weekend. Jacob was driving in from Dallas to meet us and we ended up arriving about 3 minutes after him! Embry started giggling and wiggled out of my arms and ran towards him when she saw him. She was on Daddy Cloud Nine for sure! We stayed out at the campsite for a few hours and enjoyed time seeing Jacob's extended family, especially Jacob's cousins with their five month old daughter, Lux! We haven't seen her since she was two weeks old at Thanksgiving. She's such a doll!! 

We spent Saturday evening and night at E-Pa and Kiki's house and then woke up and spent Easter with them as well. We gave Embry her Easter basket from the "Easter Bunny" when she got up, then E-Pa and Kiki gave her a basket. We went to church and had brunch and Embry's third Egg Hunt after church. We hit the road during E's nap and spent the afternoon and evening with our favorite neighbors where they cooked us a fantastic southern meal of homemade fried chicken and ALL the fixins!! It helped that Embry got to see her beloved Eliot! =) We are so happy we have such great friends to spend holidays with here in Dallas. 

Smitten with her Daddy

We went on a walk and every time we saw a patch of flowers she had to go check it out!

Jeremy and Jacob (first cousins) and their daughters =)

Jeremy and Lux and Jacob and Embry

Embry "helping" Daddy with corn hole 

Me and Lux =)

Corn hole turned slide =)

Sunday morning she came and snuggled with us in bed, giving Jacob lots of good long hugs

One of her Easter gifts from us, I mean the bunny ;)

Kiki drew an Easter bunny with E's new chalk

Ready for her third and final egg hunt of the season!

E-Pa, Kiki, Embry and Great Grandma Gordon!

I took this at the stoplight about 2 miles from the Embry's house. She passed out RIGHT when we left!!

Headed to Eliot's house!

Happy to be back with her buddy, playing with trucks!


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