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Everything Embry: April 6

Never Ending Stomach Bug

Poor Embry had the stomach bug well into this week as well as last week. She started throwing up late Thursday night/early Friday morning. The last time she threw up was Tuesday afternoon about 4:00 pm. The virus started off with a bang with lots of throw up, but then after Friday morning she seemed fine. So much so that we saw baby Ford Saturday and Jacob and I went out Saturday night. She threw up Saturday night into Sunday morning twice and then each night through Tuesday. She would go through spurts of seeming okay, but Monday and Tuesday she was very fussy, clingy, crabby and you could tell she just didn't feel good at all. Tomi arrived Sunday midday and it was so nice to have another set of hands around to help through the long days. 

I had talked to the nurses line at our pediatrician on Friday and Monday and they gave me good tips, what to look for, etc.. and had assured me that she was fine. On Monday they told me to call on Wednesday morning if she was still throwing up. After she threw up on Tuesday afternoon I couldn't help but call and voice my concern. They scheduled us an appointment Wednesday morning. Of course, Embry didn't throw up Tuesday night and woke up a different child, but I still took her in. The doctor said she looked good, had no infections, etc. and gave me the green light to let her eat what she wanted. (She weighed 25 pounds 2 oz at the doctor and seems a little scrawny after throwing up five days straight)

Embry also cut her first two molars during the 5 day stomach bug. Pooooor baby girl!! I had known the bottom one was coming in, but Thursday I was feeling her bottom molar and felt something on the top when she bit down. Turns out she had cut the one up top too. Through the whole thing I was too nervous to give her any Tylenol or Motrin for pain as to not mess with her tummy.

Thursday and Friday were a little tough with Embry after having five days of unlimited Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV and unlimited pacifier she wasn't thrilled to give up both. She's not had access to a pacifier except for in her crib, car seat or on an airplane since she was about 6 or 7 months old. She spent a lot of both mornings throwing fits, standing by the container I keep the extra pacis in (despite them not being there), and signing for her paci. She also kept wanting me to sit with her on my lap and watch TV. She didn't want to play outside even. She was fine when we were out and about, but when home, she wanted to be cuddling with Mommy watching TV. Ugh. I think we're slowly getting over it now. 

Unfortunately, Thursday morning Jacob woke up feeling "the bug". He still went to work that day as he had a big hearing that morning. Poor guy! By the evening he ate a bit and was feeling a tad better. By Friday morning he was feeling 99% better. 

***Friday morning Jacob went to Texas Oncology for a CT scan. We will meet with his oncologist Wednesday morning and hear the results. 

Brushing lovey bear

Cuddles with Aunt Tomi

Spurts of feeling okay....happy girl

Lots of snuggling this week

One afternoon she felt good and we went to the park for a bit. 

FaceTime with Mimi

Poor sick baby girl

Day FIVE of being sick =(

Day 6, heading to the pediatrician, finally feeling better

Meeting Mickey and Minnie

I wasn't counting on us making it to the Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet Wednesday morning, but Embry was acting totally fine after her doctor's appointment and the pediatrician got us in and out so quick. There are close to 30 branches of the Dallas Public Library and one is not even one mile from our house. It has some story time two times a week and hosts some cool events. The library was hosting Mickey and Minnie mouse to promote Disney on Ice coming to town. As expected, Embry was sooo excited when she saw Mickey and Minnie from a distance, but when it was our turn in line she was very nervous. It wasn't as bad as Santa, no tears, but no smiling either. 

Aunt Tomi Visits...and Two Grandpas Stop By 

Tomi arrived last Sunday afternoon in the midst of E's stomach bug. It was so nice to have another set of hands during the long days of E not feeling well, although I felt bad that Tomi's week in Dallas wasn't nearly as fun as I had hoped. 

Wednesday, my dad ("Papa") flew into Dallas for a meeting that got pushed back a few hours, so he came over and got to spend some good quality time with us. E was quite fond of Papa despite not seeing him in over a month! 

Thursday "E-Pa" was in town for work and treated me, Tomi, and Embry to lunch. Embry was a bit shy at first, but then was loving on her E-Pa. She was so, so sweet to him =)

Love these =)

Makeup with Papa

Lipgloss =)

Three generations =)

She spontaneously was hugging sweet
Swaddle baby =)

We did Toddler Open Gym on Thursday and Aunt Tomi got to come along!

Lunch with E-Pa!

Showing E-Pa her belly button

Helping E-Pa with his work


Lovey sleep masks, even while sick

Pretty girl

Putting her Mickey crown on her puppy

Painting a masterpiece 

Reading to Athena in bed 

Lounging around 

We got our Easter stuff out of the attic this week =)

Trying on her Easter dress I bought when I was pregnant! 

Looking so old and finally feeling back to normal!

Getting back to reality after the sickness was rough. She wanted the full access to her paci....poor girl. =(

Measuring out some medicine, haha

Baby long legs!

I hung this garland during her nap and she noticed it the second we walked in the room after nap. Kept pointing and getting excited about it. So fun!

Back to pounding her banana pancakes after eating toast for days on end....

She loves her coloring book from Mickey and Minnie at the library 

Saturday lunch out!

Somebody loved her strawberry ice cream =)

Long nap, happy baby! 

Slippers =)

Fresh pedicure and slippered toes! Much needed after the week we had....

My loves


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