Sunday, April 13, 2014

Everything Embry: April 13

Oncology Appointment 

Wednesday April 9 we went back to Texas Oncology to meet with Jacob's oncologist and go over the results of his CT scan from last Friday. The results were completely clear; no sign of cancer!! Not much to report, the doctor was happy with all of his blood work and the whole scan. It was a quick, relieving appointment, where Embry was the hit of the office =) 

Daddy's biggest fan

She loves elevators lately!

Girl on the Go

E's first experience with Mr. Gattis pizza.... Daddy's all time favorite!

Proud father

Last Sunday was another rainy day, so to waste time and get out of the house we took E to one of my favorite thrift stores. They always have tons of good toys.

I gave in and let the bakery ladies give E a cookie at Kroger. (They always offer as we walk by) 

E and E at White Rock Lake 

Feeding the ducks!

Wait we're giving the ducks food?!? (E managed to get a few pieces of stale bread into the water between bites of it.....)

Cutest little bunny

Brave girl went down the tall tunnel slide =)

We went to Toddler Open Gym at a different Dallas Rec Center this week with some MOPS friends! 
Cool scooter thingys

She took a big tumble down the playscape outside of the REC center. 

Playing at Eliot's 

Keeping an eye on the bad guys...haha

e&e in the sandbox 

e&e's love hate relationship. Eliot had just said-Mommy she's touching me! Then two seconds later- "Embry, come on up here with me" Haha. 

After I snapped the picture I knew I had a similar one from last April. Crazy the difference a year makes! 

The Galleria Mall play place


Friday morning we had MOPS and she ran off to her classroom and didn't look back. 

She ran in and found Minnie Mouse immediately 
Dallas Farmers Market 

First ear of roasted corn! 

The birds were surrounding us for any corn nibblets dropped, and E loved it. 

Eating oranges

Stop at the library 

Took over Mommy's soup when we went out to dinner


Thursday we went to Costco and hadn't been in about a month. I go 20 min to Rockwall and when I got a bit out of the city I saw the prettiest patch of bluebonnets and knew I had to stop on our way home. So with a car full of groceries, I pulled over off the highway and snapped these pictures with my iPhone. As adorable as this dress is, I wish she was wearing a cute white or more plain dress. I think I'm going to take her back before we hit the road to Austin tomorrow. She loved the flowers and broke a lot of laws picking about 50 of them, whoops! 

My friend Lauren has an app where it turns pictures into watercolors...loved this one!


Another week, another pediatrician call. Friday afternoon we were out running a few errands and I picked Embry up and noticed on BOTH eyes she had pinprick sized red dots. From her cheekbone up, her eyelids and up to her brows. It was very hard to get my phone to focus in on them without being blurry and for her to stay STILL. I know they look like freckles in the pictures, but it was like all the sudden she had red splatter paint all over her eyes. One minute she didn't have it and one minute she did, on both eyes. It was 4:30 and I immediately called the nurse line at the pediatrician and they suggested getting her Benadryl, but that it didn't sound too bad since it wasn't irritating her, wasn't puffy, etc. Lauren's Mom was in town and she's a nurse, so I swung by her house and she thought the same thing, probably just a reaction to something, but nothing to be too worried about. Weird!

This was the lesser of the two sides.


Bath time with Daddy

Cuddles with Daddy

Jacob sent me this picture at the gym one morning. E had polished off her cereal and then moved on to Daddy's. 

Coloring with her dolly (cute video of her getting her doll set in the chair)

One of her favorite things to color, my planner....

Books with Daddy

She's in a big not getting dirty phase, so Daddy's dirty shirt was stressing her out. (she doesn't like anything on her hands- bubbles, chalk, food, anything!)

New Minnie Mouse PJs! 

Feeding her baby 

Banana baby 

Two blonde beauties 

Model baby 

Hugs from my girl

We got a new teether this week that is AWESOME! Go get the Zoli if your babe is getting molars!!

One of my faves 

Coloring in my planner, again. 

Loves her Mickey and Minnie coloring book

So Embry pooped on the floor one morning... And she fussed at it to show me...

Loves her dolly 

Feeding lovey her teether

Nothin' like a clean baby in PJs!

Just strollin' 

Ready for MOPS with her lunchbox

Cozy nap girl!

More Zoli teether love! 

We picked up this water table from a friend who's moving for Ford! Embry broke it in for him =)

Hi Ford! I love your water table!!

Opening Easter gifts from Great Gram and Papa!

Reading the Easter story 

Wanting to follow Daddy

Watering Daddy's flowers

Reading with bunny ears on


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