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Everything Embry: April 27

Easter Detox

At the beginning of this week we did some major Easter detoxing. Embry had jelly beans, cookies, cupcakes and candy over the weekend and she doesn't get any of that normally. The sweetest thing she gets is plain frozen yogurt every so often or a graham cracker some nights, hah! She also had to get used to our ottoman not opening as a toy box like Mimi and Papa's (like she did after Christmas break staying with them). She also had fun playing with her toys and books she got for Easter. Lastly, Wednesday when we went to the library for our classes, she was very, very frustrated with the maraca eggs that they wouldn't open!! I was so confused at first when she was pulling at them and not shaking along to the music, but then realized she thought they were Easter eggs. Hahaha! 

Crying because it won't open....

Bracelets from Kiki and E-Pa

Playing her recorder from the Embrys 

Trying to sneak to the snacks in the pantry....

She loves her garden tools we got her =) 

Loves the window stickers from Mimi and Papa. 

18 Month Well Check

Embry finally had her 18 month well check and checked out healthy as can be. I had to fill out the "MChat" questionnaire which screens for autism. First off, Dr. Hart told me she passed with flying colors. Of course, as social as she is, it's never been a worry. Embry weighed in at 24.6 pounds which is actually a few ounces more than her 15 month check up more than three months ago. (Also less than when we went in during her stomach bug a few weeks ago). The nurse and doctor weren't concerned and said it's common around this age to "thin out" the baby chub! She's now only in the 55 percentile. She's 33.5 inches tall and in the 93 percentile for height. Her head circumference is still in the 95 percentile at 48.5 cm. 

During the appointment Embry was very interested in the doctors tools, and Dr. Hart is great about letting E hold all of her medical instruments. She also was into a page of stickers I brought in and had fun putting stickers on herself, me and even Dr. Hart. The doctor told me her disposition is exactly what she would hope at this age. Interested and friendly with the doctor, but still kept looking at me for comfort and was a little weary when she started getting poked and prodded. 

When it was time for me to ask questions I immediately brought up her lack of language. The bare minimum they want to see is five words. Between her few words and signs, she has around 10 words, so it's nothing to be stressed about. In a nice way, my doctor told me to chill out about it. There are three things that late talking can preface. One is autism. She again went over our MChat test and told me that her son actually has autism and Embry has absolutely nothing to worry about in that sense. Second group is ataxia, basically a delay in the mouth muscles. That is a developmental delay where the first sign is much younger babies who have major problems eating anything besides purees. Also, definitely not Embry since she was on all table food by 12 months. Also, when they do start to speak, it's no consonants, just vowels. Embry actually says most consonants. So Embry falls into the third group, which is just being a plain ole late talker...for who knows why. She said she'll probably have a language explosion in the next few months and I need to stop worrying about it...and more importantly Embry understands most of what we say.    

2 Months
Weight: 13 pounds 2.5 ounces (>95%)
Height: 24.5 inches (>95%)

4 Months
Weight: 15 pounds 9.5 ounces (93%)
Height: 26.5 inches (>95%)

6 Months
Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces (88%)
Height: 28 inches (>95%)

9 Months
Weight: 20.0 pounds (75%)
Height: 29 inches (93%)

12 Months
Weight: 22.0 pounds (70%)
Height: 31 inches (95%)

15 Months
Weight: 24.2 pounds (70%)
Height: 32.25 inches (95%)

18 Months
Weight: 24.6 (55%) 
Height: 33.5 inches (93%)

My stats from my baby book. Embry is almost exactly my height and weight from 24 months old! 


As E's hair gets longer, it's curling up in the humidity...we LOVE it!

As Aunt Ruthie's bubble season! Love dressing her in little bubble outfits!  

Park with friends. Embry is SO obsessed with Lauren lately and always prefers for her to hold her instead of me when we're together...haha

Hide and seek

Hide and seek with David and Eliot at the park 

Hey boys!

Legs for days!

Chevron cutie 

Watermelon at the park

Two cute blonde girlies =)

My best girl

She loved her water table until.....

Her full bucket of water fell all over her. 

Ready for MOPS!


My little partner in crime and I had a good time getting back into our Dallas routine after being in Austin all week. Although, we arrived home from Easter weekend and our fridge was broken! Boo to shelling out a few hundred dollars to getting our old fridge fixed and having to hang around the house all day Monday for repair men. Also, I got out twice this week, once for a girls night and Friday night Jacob and I went on a date night! Sure is good for this mama to get out and recharge! It also was a MOPS week, where Embry again, ran for her classroom when we walked in the building without looking back at me. MOPS is another nice break for me where I always leave feeling so refreshed...I'm so sad it was our second to last meeting this week.

We tried a different Open Gym this week and Oh.My.Gosh, it made our rec center by us look silly. It was about 20 minutes away, but so worth it. There are about 10 Dallas Rec Centers that our pass gets us into and this one (Walnut Hill) is amazing! We'll definitely be going back. Saturday we also had a birthday party for a neighbor, Cammie, who turned three. It was at Jump Street and E had a ball! 

Lauren and I went out and did a wine and paint night and had a blast! 

Dallas Starry Nights =) 

Mama's grocery helper 

Picking out her maracas! Ole! 

Marching and maracas! 

Why doesn't this darn egg open?!?!?!?

Our last song of class is always "Glasses" by Laurie Berkner 

Picking out some books to check out 

Dallas Walnut Hill Rec Center

She loved running the long trampoline 

Such a fun place!

FroYo date with friends

Playing at Monster Yogurt

Party at Jump Street

Embry and her friend Hannah from our neighborhood

I let her have ice cream at the party =) 

Friends =) 

About half of the kids at the party =)


Daddy, Embry and Mommy all around the same age

I'm obsessed with her silly sleeping pictures

Cuddling with Daddy before bed one evening

Curly hair!!!!!!! 

Love these curls =)

Reading to lovey bear in her corner =)

I had my first episode where I gave in and bought something because Embry wouldn't let it go and was throwing a fit.... she HAD TO HAVE this doll stroller (her THIRD one). Luckily it was at Goodwill and cost only $2.99

She then had to hold it in the car.....


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