Saturday, February 1, 2014

Embry: 16 Months Old

16 Month Stats

Weight:  25 pounds (done at home) (24.2 pounds at her 15 month well check on January 16)

Height:  On January 16 at the pediatrician she was 32.25 inches =)
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 18 months, some 12-18 month things, some 18-24 month things. 18 month PJs. She's very true to size on most clothes, even pants surprisingly. 
Shoes: Still size 4 shoes...I've put her in two pair of size 5
Eating: Eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day, drinks around 16 oz of organic whole milk per day. Still kind of picky, and definitely knows what she wants and doesn't want! Favorites are baked sweet potatoes....seriously eats one every two days.... snacky carbs, fruit, mac'n'cheese. 
Sleeping: 11 hours straight through the night (7:30 pm-6:30 am) and now usually just one longer nap at 12:30. It was right after her 15 month "birthday" when I posted no sign of dropping the morning nap, that she stopped sleeping during the nap. She still sometimes has a hard time making it until noon and falls asleep in the car every few days. In the past month she's probably taken the morning nap about 5 times, one being yesterday. Still at the kind of in between phase, but working towards one long, midday nap.
Teeth: 8 teeth...and still acting like she's teething the past few days. Fingers in mouth, gnawing on everything.... Maybe the molars are coming in. 
Words: STILL not saying much. She is sure trying. She started kind of saying "papa" in Austin! A few people also think they've heard her attempt "Eliot". She says "ha" for hot when seeing a picture of a fire or pointing to the oven. 
Favorite Toys: Current favorites are her make up vanity, strollers, jack in the box, kitchen and food, all bath toys and bath books (she love, love, loves the bath)
Favorite Books: "Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You" (her bedtime book), First 100 Words, Goodnight Moon (she loves pointing out the fire in Goodnight Moon)

New Things!

*When she wants to go outside she brings me her jacket and shoes and sits down. I can take a hint E!
*Being a copy cute to see her mimicking everything we do!
*Seems to be really trying to talk...making more consonant sounds. 
*I'd say this has been a tough month, but at the same time the most fun month. She's at SUCH a fun age, learning new things every day, but also knows exactly what she wants (and doesn't want) but can't really tell us. Makes for some long days, but also the best days yet. 
*Starting a Daddy phase. A few times this month she's cried when Daddy leaves! So cute to see her insist Daddy holds her. She still has her Mommy only times, but it's starting to even out. 
*Can do a park play-scape all by herself (climb up and go down slide alone)
*She's always been pretty independent, but does well playing alone or reading for bits of time....but she does have a shoorrrrrt attention span though! Hah. 
*Loves her play kitchen and hiding toys in the oven and cabinets
*Still obsessed with her loveys, although now she has a preference and prefers one of her four loveys. They're all four slightly different and it's crazy how she insists on this particular one. 
*I've officially taken ALL berries out of her diet, although she loves them all. I've realized blueberries, raspberries and strawberries give her horrible diaper rash =(
*Will NOT be spoon-fed any food. She will not let us feed her yogurt, apple sauce, cereal, etc.
*She's done great all month with "childcare". Both weeks at MOPS she's done great, and I've had a few friends keep her for various doctor's appointments and date night. She does well and goes to bed well for all sitters. 
*Not so great things....hitting and spitting....ugh! I thought the bad stuff started at 2 years old! Hah! 

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  1. Cori E's attention span is very very good for 16 mo. She is taking after her Mimi for not talking early grampa would hold her and make her look at his mouth say the word but no 1 but when she started all the words just came together! Love you all soooo much waiting to her from Jake report