Sunday, February 16, 2014

Everything Embry: February 16

Jacob Update

Thursday we made a family trip to Jacob's oncologist. Click here to read all about it. 

E getting weighed at the doctor.... 25.0 on their scale

Love this picture....and love these two. 

Busy Girls

I know I've said it a bunch, but I'm not good at just hanging around the house all day with Embry. Part of it is she gets into EVERYTHING and I feel bad saying no, no, no all day. I also like to get out and socialize with other moms for my sanity =) We went to our normal weekly play dates for Toddler Open Gym and also at the Galleria Playscape and managed to go to three different parks during the week. 

Monday was another rainy, FREEZING day, so I let her loose in the toy aisles in Walmart for a good 40 minutes. 

Open Gym!

Galleria Playscape 

She was very, very independent this week...would run off and play alone and come check in with me. 

Dancing at the top of the slide

Pictures don't do this slide justice of how tall and steep this was... such a brave girl.


As per usual, we managed to see our pal Eliot and his mama Lauren each day this week and even attended his birthday party Saturday. I do not know what I'd do without these two! Chatting with Lauren in the afternoons is usually my sanity and just the word "Eliot" puts a smile on Embry's face. She's always SO happy to see him, so it makes my job easy! 

Come on Embry, I'll catch ya!

Wild ride on a fire truck 
Eliot's party 

Gang of Daddies

Post party smooches 


As much as we get out of the house, we definitely do have plenty of time at home. E never gets bored of her toys (probably because she has so many darn toys!) and loves going from one thing to the next, over and over and over.....

Still loves to jump on the ottoman... 

Bathtime beauty

She was so excited to find Mommy's dish gloves

Absolutely love this picture of Embry

She has found the "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" book she was obsessed with and I may have hid.....
Reading alone in her room =)

Valentine's Day

We had a fabulous Valentine's Day this year with our best girl. Embry and I had a few errands and chores to do that day, but managed to spend the mid morning playing at a park about 10 minutes from the house that she loves. (Okay, so she loves all parks, but this one has a good set up for her). After her nap, we saw Eliot and Lauren and they surprised us with treats (a sweet treat for me and a new book for E). Jacob got home from work with flowers for Mommy and a balloon for Embry and with news that pizza was being delivered at Embry's bedtime. We gave Embry a new book and a little paint set. We also all got lots of sweet Valentine's mailed to us this year! It was a perfect day and night! 

Sassy Valentine with her purse

Brave girl

Writing Daddy's card......

She discovered drawing on her hands..........

and LOVEDDDDD it. 

Hilarious video below of her getting "in trouble" for drawing on herself.... pitiful girl

Our treats from Daddy

Helping Daddy open his gift


Last Sunday we went to my old co-worker's, Lisa, going away party! 

I've become absolutely ADDICTED to the show scandal. Here's what my dinner preps look like now..... chopping veggies while getting in another episode of Scandal!

Eating raisins with a spoon......

Book time with Daddy is the best

A breakfast HIT this week- 1 ripe banana mashed with one egg...baked as a pancake... she DEVOURS it! 

Brushing her teeth

We've now had to start hiding her sleep sack during the day. She was going and getting it out of her crib and carrying it around all day, sucking on the pacifier.... 

More banana and egg "pancakes"

She finally fits into these size 5 pink sparkly shoes! 

Thursday on the drive home from Jacob's doctors appointment...carrides at 11:30 am aren't a good idea! 

Meanest Mommy! She spotted lovey and wanted it in the tub...and I said no. 

Saturday morning stinker! 

The shirt I got Jacob for Valentine's Day. (From the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation)

Headed to Eliot's Birthday Party!!! Cutest girls!


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