Sunday, February 2, 2014

Everything Embry: February 2


A few updates on the Higgins fam!

We're in a stalemate with Jacob's testicular caner diagnosis. (Click here and here for the low down). We have an appointment with the oncologist on February 13 and we should find out the plan for treatment! Since receiving the news that Jacob's LDH blood levels are headed back down towards normal we're hoping for surveillance versus chemo or radiation. 

Embry turned SIXTEEN months yesterday! Click here for her monthly update!


Jacob headed home from Austin on Sunday and Embry and I stayed until midday on Wednesday when Grandma and Papa Fanning headed on their way out of town. =( We miss them already! 

We had a fun family day Sunday at Trudy's brunch and played at the park. Monday we joined Ruthie and some mama and baby friends at Austin's new children's museum, The Thinkery, and got to see Erin and Avery that evening! Tuesday we were supposed to catch another one of James' basketball games, but Austin had another ice day, so we had fun playing with Ford and spending time with Gram and Papa at home. 

Coloring with Daddy at brunch

First taste of bacon

Big girl on the big slide

Cutest cousins

Boxing babies

Papa and his two grands =)

She loves playing in Mimi's closet

At The Thinkery! Having a ball!

Ruthie and Ford

E has some sharing issues... =/

Mamas and babies

She loved the water table!

And literally pouring the water all over herself...

Ruthie and Ford

They had a petting zoo that day...and let's just say Embry was kind of like Lenny from Of Mice and Men..... ;)


Naptime on Aunt Cori's lap!


We got to see Erin and almost 4 month old Avery one evening!

We FaceTimed with Jacob each day we were apart morning and evening and even Ford got in on the action one day!

Cuddles with Papa

Reading her bedtime book...looking sleeeeeeeepy! 

Cousin snack time

Playing with Uncle James

Shells and cheeeeeeeese 

Last night cuddling with Papa and Mimi

Four generations of Fannings =)

Watching a show before we hit the road

Home Sweet Home

We made it to the Thursday Toddler Open Gym at the Rec Center. We had a nice warm Friday and spent as much time as possible outside. Friday we also had a much needed date night out while my friend Lauren kept Embry. We had a date night scheduled two Wednesdays ago, the day we got called into the hospital and told Jacob most likely has cancer. We spent that evening rushing around the hospital, doing pre-registration stuff for his surgery that was scheduled for 12 hours away, calling family and telling them the news, and trying to comprehend the ride we were about to hop on. Needless to say, after a crazy few weeks, we needed a night out! 

Happy to be home 

Helping Daddy prepare for a big hearing!

Wait a sec Dad, did you see this?

New leggings from Aunt Ruthie are a bit big, but I was too excited for her to wear them! (Hiked up past her belly button)

Kisses for Athena

A new pink school bus

Playing at Toddler Open Gym

Silliest girl

Crabby afternoon.......

Breakfast with Mommy...she's started having two breakfasts a day... one with Daddy and one with Mommy after I get home from the gym and eat myself.

We had an nice warm day Friday! Lots of playing outside!


Pretty girl modeling a gift from a friends Mom! She made the dress and monogrammed it! Beautiful!

My girl

Big girl likes to do things by herself 

These two fourth graders loved Embry. They kept watching her go up the stairs and down the slide.


E and her friends playing 

We got Embry a potty chair! She doesn't love sitting on it, but hoping to get her interested in it the next few months. 

Much needed date night!! 

I get told often she's starting to look more like me....this is SO Jacob right here! Hah!

Weighing herself for her 16 month post

Saturday she put herself down for a nap...turned on her sound machine, grabbed her lovey and sleepsack (with paci connected) and laid down. We got the hint!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Dallas Museum of Art for some warm play time (Got COLD midday Saturday)

Loves pretending to drive Daddy's car

Tried some of my salad at dinner....although really just sucked the dressing off! 

We repaid our neighbors for keeping Embry Friday night and babysat Eliot Saturday night! The babies had a ball!

Watching Jacob juggle was obviously HILARIOUS

Drink and cuddle time

Months 13-16 of our sweet toddler girl

16 Month outtakes.....

She was cracking herself up wiggling out of the chair....

Make-up break!


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