Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everything Embry: January 26

Jacob Update

Earlier this week Jacob was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Click here to read all about it. 

Friday evening Dr. Tran called Jacob personally to tell him that his LDH level is down to 330. It was the one tumor marker in his blood work that was worrisome and three times the normal level. We are hoping this means that Jacob will fall under the "surveillance" treatment and not radiation or chemotherapy. We will still meet with an oncologist soon. 

Our Week

We had a good week overall, but were just pretty nervous until Jacob's doctors appointment on Wednesday evening. Also, Embry had a few "trying" days...she's definitely getting to a tough stage where she knows exactly what she wants but can't tell me. She's very independent, which is good in a lot of ways, but not in others. She also has perfected melt downs and thinks it's hilarious to hit our faces..... besides a few tough afternoons with her, we had a few really fun play dates! We also went to a few different parks probably 3 or 4 times this week and she's having so much fun. She doesn't need any assistance going up the playscape and and down the slides (even the big ones) all alone. It's a really fun new phase! 

Our every other week MOPS meeting was Friday and it couldn't have come at a better time! I so look forward to it and leave feeling so refreshed! Friday after MOPS, Embry and I hit the road to Austin. Jacob met us yesterday and we're having good family time visiting with my grandparents from Chicago! 

Watching her friend E!

e&e hugs

Sweet girl!

Watching Daddy juggle!

Still struggling with no morning nap....

Big girl on the BIG slide all by herself at the park!

Her hair is getting so thick!

Sweet crossed ankles

Two of her favorites...mac n cheese and greek yogurt

FaceTime with cousin Ford

First ponytail!!!
One morning Jacob couldn't find his work papers... finally found them with some of Embry's "notes" on them....haha 

Pony =)

Laying down for a diap change

Having fun at the Toddler Open Gym at the rec center this week! Lots of friends joined in this week!

E and her friend Hollister

E took another 3 hour nap after toddler open gym this week. It will definitely be a weekly event for us!

Wednesday met some friends at the new children's play place at the Galleria Mall!

E feeding Hollister. 

Bravest girl....... Learned how to climb on top of the playscape all by herself.

Poor girl fell off the sofa one morning when I went to grab my coffee...she flipped over the arm of the couch and took the lamp off the back of the side table with her.... =( So sad. 

She cuddled for a good 30 min after her tumble 

Still obsessed with her coupe

And cleaning!

A rough afternoon text to Daddy BEGGING him not to work late tonight.....!!!

Embry helping me read "Loving The Little Years"

I work out in the mornings and E helps Daddy get ready every day. So helpful!

Loving her milk and her water...hah

Playing with her new pink toy Dustbuster before MOPS

Aunt Tomi and E

Fordy boy!

Coloring at Mimi and Papa's 
FaceTiming Daddy on Friday night

She was SO sleepy at James' basketball game Saturday... cuddling with Papa. Daddy took Miss Sleepy girl home in the third quarter for her nap. Scheduled girl couldn't hang!

E pushing cousin F around =) I mean, are they the cutest cousins around or what?

Papa and Embry 

Great Gram and Embry

Fordy got to take a catnap with me =)

Cousin bath time

Books with Great Gram


Probably one of the cutest cousin videos there ever was.....

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  1. you are doing everything so right with my gr beautiful Em when I saw her at the rec gym and letting her color at this age Fine and gross motor you are a great mom Cori and gram loves you