Saturday, February 8, 2014

Everything Embry: February 9

Jacob Update

So once again we have no official update on Jacob's testicular cancer....but we will next week! This Thursday February 13 we go see his oncologist. We hope to find out the plan for treatment. We know he'll get more blood work done to double check his tumor markers and make sure they're reaching normal levels. 

This week (February 4) was World Cancer Day. We only found out about it the day before, but it definitely felt like a very important day this year. It's so crazy to think it hasn't even been a month since Jacob went to see his General Practitioner. Anyway, we decided to all wear purple in support of World Cancer Day and to "announce" the news on social media. We received so many nice comments, messages, texts, etc... and the extra prayers are much appreciated =)

Fun Outings

Last Sunday we went to a Super Bowl party with our neighbors. E&E were the only kids and they had fun getting into plenty of things they shouldn't have! They each only lasted until half time, gotta love 7 pm to bed babies. 

It was a really cold week here in Dallas, so our normal afternoons of walks and trips to the park did not happen....and that drives me bonkers. I am not a sit at home with my crazy toddler mom....So we had a few outings to Monster Yogurt (where Embry has conquered the big kid play area), the local Rec Center, library time, etc.... 

We got stuck at home all day Thursday as we had a snow day.... and our MOPS on Friday was cancelled =(

Did someone say bacon? Jacob spent hours making 80 bacon wrapped jalepeno poppers for the Super Bowl Party. Yummmmm! 

Super Bowl party last year and this year (Embry's back on the "SMILEEEEE" train....hah)

Fro Yo time!

Tears....big girl playing in the big kid play scape

Toddler Open Gym

Oh she so wants to be big.....

Music time at the library

Snow Day

Thursday morning it started snowing about 8:30 am and didn't stop until mid afternoon. It was fun to play in twice....for about 8 minutes each time! Hah. Then the fun wore off being stuck inside all day! Eliot and Lauren braved the walk five doors down and we had fun letting the kiddos paint, play in the water table and run around. 

Just started snowing!!!!

Snow strollin'!

She was so good with the paint brush!

e&e....the little artists 

Just chatting on their phones =)


Big girl

First smoothie! 

........ummm haha

She loves hiding food in her bib and doing the "where did it go" hands?

Her hair is growing like crazy

Daddy time

One morning I got home from the gym to find Jacob in the shower and Embry cuddling with Athena on the couch....haha 

I have an app called TimeHop where it shows you everything you've posted on today's date in years past.... February 4, 2013 and 2014 look eerily similar =) 

Her current favorite book- This Is Me by Richard Scarry 


Oh this girl loves brushing her teeth. She stands by the bathroom sink whining for her toothbrush often!

Wednesday we watched two of my girlfriends littles =) It's a lot having three kids under two! Haha.

Wednesday afternoon we got restless and I moved our water table inside. 

So happy!!!

Reading up on her spanish words 

More spinach dip Mama??

Embry's new Valentine's card collector! So cute =)
(Purchased from Personal Creations website)

She's serious about her food! Especially applesauce 

Kisses for Athena 

Pony tail =)

Sweetie pie 

We had to get out of the house Friday morning to run to the post office. It was still freeeeezing out!

Jacob's favorite picture of the week. He loves when she pulls her pull toys. 

Embry's new trick this week....climbing on the ottoman all by herself and having a ball up there. 

We went out to lunch Saturday and E used chopsticks to eat her entire meal of turkey and sweet potatoes...haha. (She'd stab each piece and then eat it)

Mimi and Papa sent a box of Valentine's gifts and E loves cuddling her new puppet 

Embry was particularly excited when Daddy opened up one of his gifts- a jar of Green Sauce from HEB haha

She is so brave! This park had a particularly high big slide that made me kinda nervous. Embry didn't seem to mind one bit. 

I made homemade whole grain "gold fish" crackers... they're a big hit around here!

No goldfish...just hearts, stars and flowers =)

Our Saturday night entertainment....E rockin out to the piano. 

Just a few more cheddar crackers before bed. 


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