Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Embry has quite the Halloween and Fall wardrobe, so I thought it'd be fun to compile all of her Halloween and Fall pictures from the past month! 

We have a fun neighborhood party this evening that we're all looking forward too! Crazy to think Embry was just 4 weeks old last Halloween! She'll enjoy the party a little more this year! ;) 

E's foot ghost! Meant to make these for family, but ended up just making one for us last night! 


Yesterday Embry dressed up in her first of three costumes. So we got a cold weather (giraffe) and warm weather (zebra) costumes for Embry this year. We splurged a whole $3 on each one at thrift stores. Then my parents got in their attic and found the costume I wore at 15 months old! So yesterday Embry wore the giraffe outfit to story time at the library and today for the Halloween party she'll wear the zebra (since it's going to be 80 degrees)! We'll also get some pictures of her in my 'retro' lamb costume! THIS giraffe loves her acorns, hahah!

Throwback Thursday....

And just for fun, here's Embry last year...not even one month old yet!

Our two wicked witches! 

Our neighborhood party last year! Daddy....dressed as a laywer...hah! 

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