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Everything Embry: October 20

Mommy Sunday

I say Mommy Sunday jokingly because in our house we call Sunday "Daddy Day". Sundays are Jacob's days to wake up with Embry and during the day I usually go run errands without Embry and let E&J have some one-on-one time throughout the day. Unfortunately Jacob had to work ALL day long and actually go into the office for a big chunk of the day. We are so lucky that Jacob has worked very, very few weekends and that's pretty rare being a new attorney, but it was still a bummer for all of us. Jacob still got up early with Embry and let me sleep in, but once I got up he headed into the office. Embry and I had a day of shopping (Old Navy was having some crazy sales on their clearance stuff) and we even went on a Mommy Daughter dinner date! She was quite happy to see Jacob when he got home late that afternoon. 

The doll aisle at Wal-Mart kept us busy for a good 30 minutes!

FaceTiming with Aunt Tomi!

Tackle Dadddddyyyy!!

Columbus Day

We were excited to spend Columbus day with Lauren and Eliot since he had the day off from school. We had big plans to to go "Mommy and Me Monday" at the Arboretum but it was raining. So like the rest of Dallas who had planned to go do something outside....we headed to the Perot Museum downtown. The last time we were there she was very new to walking and still crawling quite a bit. She had a ball walking around the Children's Museum and of course, she loves anything we do with Eliot. 

Ruffle girl! One of my favorite parts of having a girl is the ruffles! 

She LOVED this little "gym" area and was trying to jump and shake around!

Pure excitement

She's huggin meeeee! Haha Poor Eliot 

e&e having fun 

Queen of the Castle

Hanging with the big kids in the "Farmers Market" area

That afternoon I made a trip to the grocery store with my little helper

Rainy, Cold Wednesday 

Wednesday was our first pretty cold day! It also was raining, which I love in a way, but I also like to be able to go on our daily walks and hang outside. 

Jacob was up early to go to work early, so when E and I got up we had some time to cuddle in bed

Our little helper getting Daddy ready for work

Ready for a fun day at the library 

My two girls

Shopping cart full of loveys

We got to the library early, so we spent some time burning some energy in the kids area

Getting SO serious about shaking her maraca during story time!

Usually after story time we play outside a little, but it was raining. Knowing Jacob has to work late the next few days we decided to go visit him even though he didn't have time to take a full lunch break. 

Little attorney in training?

The rain managed to stop for a bit when we got home so we watched Athena run around the yard

And someone thought it was quite hilarious

Toting two loveys around

Loving on Belle 

Dallas Museum of Art

Thursday Embry and I spent the morning at the Dallas Museum of Art. She loves the Children's Area there and it's usually not crowded. They alternate the toys they have out and this week they had a whole basket of maracas.....right up Embry's alley! 

Holding three maracas =)

Checking out the art

Kiki and E-Pa Visit

Friday afternoon Jacob's Mom, Embry's Kiki, arrived for a weekend visit. E-Pa came and met her Saturday afternoon and we had a ball. Saturday Kathleen, Jacob, Embry and I all went to the Dallas Arboretum and had fun showing Kiki around and of course snapped some pictures in Pumpkin Village. (A bonus, Eliot and his parents and grandparents were there, so we got some e&e pics!) That afternoon we spent some time at our neighborhood park and cooked out and had game night that night. This morning, Jacob had to work some, so me, E and the "grands" headed back to the Arboretum so E-Pa could experience Pumpkin Village. Embry is so lucky to have such loving, fun grandparents! 

Here I am Kiki!!

e&e pumpkin lovin 

They are kind of too much for me......SOOO cute!


Kiki and E

Our best girl =)

Playing with Daddy, overlooking White Rock Lake

Mommy and Baby 

Kiki and Embry 

Love this three generations picture!

Kiki treated us to a yummy Chinese lunch and Embry loved it!! 

Practicing her trick or treating skills

Headed to the park in her coupe 

You might be a redneck if.....your dad pulls your coupe with an extension cord down the street to the park................................

Loving running around at the park 

Wanting to be big and play by herself 

Bedtime stories with E-Pa

Sunday morning relaxing 

Sunday morning Arboretum trip!

Pretty princess 

Embry, E-Pa and Kiki

Embry and Kiki playing with the gourds 

I'll take that one right there E-Pa

In front of the crazy, gourd house

More rides in her coupe! 


Normal morning routine...cuddles with Daddy

And a little bit of bugging Athena 

Tuesday morning she took an extra long morning nap. I typically do NOT go in the nursery, but I snuck in to snap this picture. Loveys galore! 

Our little pumpkin pie! 

A morning play date with her friend Hannah...I missed them hugging and kissing each other....SO cute!

My sweet Costco shopping partner 

I let her out to run free in the diaper aisle

Every few days she gets on an independence streak and insists on feeding herself....this night I just gave up and let her do it.

This girl and her loveys....

My little sweetie 

I think Jacob may like Embry's blocks more than she does...and she LOVES them! Haha! This was AFTER Embry went to bed....
Got her first top tooth....tooth number 3 this week! (The other top tooth is soon behind it!)

Eliot giving Embry her first flower =)

Lovey monster....all three loveys are a necessity these days

She LOVES her new coupe car! She's started throwing a fit when I take her out of it....

Our two girlies 

She loves her puzzle! 

Happy to be in her pumpkin tights! Haha 

I found her sucking on her pacifier connected to her sleep sack! She only gets her paci in bed and in the car normally. 

Watching Athena chase a squirrel back and forth!

And there she goes!

Friday we went to a free Kindermusik class put on by MOPS!

Very interested in the teacher, Miss Lisa


Embry at the Perot Museum

Embry smells the flowers

Embry playing at the Dallas Museum of Art

Embry playing with her puzzle

Embry talking on her "phone"

Embry signing "food"

Embry playing "dress up" with laundry 

Embry eats her Greek yogurt (insists on eating it all by herself!) 

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