Monday, October 7, 2013

Embry's Golden Birthday Party

Decorations, Food, Drinks....

I had so much fun in the weeks (and months) leading up to Embry's party crafting and getting things ready. I really wanted it to be a pretty simple party, with cute touches, surrounded by our family and a few close friends. I don't think it was a secret I was hoping for a girl when I was pregnant...I had visions of pink, pink, and more pink and boy did it come true at her party! 

For food, it was very simple... I had gorgeous custom cookies made by Sweet and Sour Showers. (They made the adorable cookies for my baby shower) I ordered Embry's cute smash cake at Walmart for a whopping $6! I also made 24 yellow cupcakes with homemade hot pink frosting. For the beverages to go along with our pink and gold theme we had pink lemonade and champagne! (I craved champagne my entire pregnancy with Embry...yummy!) 

As for the decorations, I made a banners with gold polka dotted burlap that said "one" and "embry". I had pretty pink roses in a sparkly gold vase I made. I also made a sparkly gold "E" made from a paper-mache letter I purchased and a sparkly gold number one for the top of her cake! I had so much fun making a poster board number 1 filled with pictures from the past year! We had this hanging on the front door. 

One of my favorite things I had made for the party is her chalkboard poster print. I had it made through Fly on the Wall Ink shop! You send in all sorts of fun facts about your child and you receive a digital file of the chalkboard print. I had it printed for $2.49 at Office Depot as a 20x30 Engineer Print. I used spray adhesive to attach it to a foam posterboard I got for $1.47. Very affordable and VERY adorable piece of decor. We also got the digital print in an 8x10 size so we can frame it and hang it in her room. 

Here's a picture of Embry and her chalkboard poster the day before her party

Some other little touches around were all of her monthly chair and rug photos and on one table we had a bunch of photos of me and Jacob at our own first birthdays! Surprisingly even Jacob admits Embry looks more like Mommy at one year old than Daddy! =)

Flowers, smash cake, cookies

Pink and gold cupcakes

Perfect pink and gold cookies with the sparkly E 

We gave out photo books as party favors

I set out her baby book and a scrapbook for people to flip through

Champagne station with pink and gold straws

Monthly chair and rug photos 

Embry banner and her chalk board print

The Guests

We wanted to keep the party simple and small. We had our siblings, our parents, our grandparents (who could make it) and a few of my girlfriends....also known as Embry's honorary aunties! 

Here are some photos with Embry and her guests! 

Our little family 

Love all of our pink! 

Papa and Mimi

Aunt Tomi
Uncle Jon and Aunt Ruthie- E's Godparents 

Great Papa and Grandma Fanning all the way from Chicago

Great Aunt Jamie who also came all the way from Chicago to surprise us!

Great Grandma Gordon

Kiki and E-Pa

Lauren and Luke (at the end of the party, E had had enough)

Honorary Aunties...Karly, Ali, Kristen and Emily!
E and cousin Ford in his pink and gold bow tie =)

Aunt Jamie and Fordy boy

Presents and Cake

Embry was great at opening gifts! She knew just what to do with the bags and tissue paper! She was pretty good at opening wrapping paper gifts also. Everyone was incredibly generous and we came home with a car full of new toys, books, and clothes for our girl! 

The cake did not go over how either of us thought it would! We really haven't given her anything too sugary with the main reason being so she'd go crazy over her smash cake! Well, she was not interested in it. I'm not so sure if it was the 20 people standing over her taping and snapping pictures, or what. But she didn't want anything to do with her cake. We then gave her a fork and she became semi interested in it and took a few bites. I thought once she got the taste of the sugary goodness, she'd go face first into it, but nope. Maybe she won't get Mommy's sweet tooth after all! 

Embry not interested in her smash cake

Eating her smash cake with a fork....

Happy Birthday To You!!!!

Hmmm what is this?

Not happy with us forcing the cake on her...hah

Okay, this isn't so terrible after all...

The October 1st girlies 

Embry and the Fanning gang

Embry and the extended Fanning gang

Embry and the Higgins/Embry/Gordon gang

Ending the night with some pink corn hole games!

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday well wishes, gifts, messages, etc! We have made it through a crazy year with our golden girl, but wouldn't change a thing! Celebrating Embry's first birthday with a healthy, happy girl was more than we could ever have asked for! Onto year number two! 

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