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Everything Embry: October 13


Well this is definitely the end of a big era for us! 

Here's our breastfeeding back story ...I really had a wonderful experience over the past 12 months. I did have the initial PAIN that people don't talk enough about in my opinion...but Embry was always a great nurser right off the bat despite being fed bottles of formula in the NICU her first four days of life. I had two clogged ducts around 3 months old and one bout of mastitis (OUCH!!!!!) in March at 5.5 months old. The biggest breastfeeding issue we had was that in late January Embry gave up the bottle. We were diligent about giving her one bottle of pumped breast milk every single night. But when she had a sore throat (fifths disease) around 4 months old she refused the bottle and never went back. I stressed and stressed about it, but eventually got over it, but was never able to be too far from my girl. After everything we went through with Embry's health at the beginning of her life, I made the conscious decision to not complain about her refusing the bottle and if this was the only problem she was giving us these days, we were very lucky.  I did not leave her much over the past year, but it was nice that she goes to bed so early that when I did need to be away from her in the evenings, I could nurse her around 6:30 pm and put her to bed. 

Over the past year I have gone back and forth about weaning at 12 months old. I introduced cows milk a month early in hopes that she would begin to self-wean. At 12 months old she was only nursing twice a day; once right when she woke up in the morning and once right before bed. 

I decided a few weeks ago that once we got home and settled back into our routine after her birthday party, we would try to start weaning her from the night time feeding and let her keep the morning feeding for a few months. I had noticed a huge drop in the amount of her nursing at the night feeding over the past month and it seemed to be more of a comfort thing. Jacob was on board with doing bedtime all by himself to see how it would go. It's kind of sad but in the past few months once she realized it's really bedtime, she got feisty with Jacob and only wanted me. So to be honest I was sure it was going to be a long night. Well I was WRONG, wrong, wrong! 

Monday night Jacob took her into her room, read books, cuddled, and she went RIGHT to bed. No fuss, no crying out for mamama, nothing! I mean I was SO happy, but it was definitely bittersweet! She slept all night long and had an 11.5 hour night. 

I normally get up with Embry and nurse her on the couch. But Tuesday morning Jacob woke up with us and immediately got his bowl of Cheerios and Embry joined him on his lap. This was something neither of us expected, but since she wasn't fussing or "asking" to nurse, we rolled with it. By Tuesday night, she still hadn't nursed and Jacob put her to bed again and she did great. Wednesday and Thursday mornings she kind of tugged at my shirt fussing when we got up, but was easily distracted by Daddy's Cheerios and her sippy cup of whole milk. 

So now it's been almost a week since the last time she's nursed and we're both doing great! Jacob asked me if I was sad since when I nursed her last on Monday morning I never thought it was going to be the last time. I'm not sad necessarily, but definitely feel a bittersweet feeling. I loved breastfeeding, but am so, so glad that she made the smooth transition of weaning! I would have been way more sad if I saw it was hard on her! 

Mommy & Me Mondays at the Dallas Arboretum

Mondays at the Dallas Arboretum are now called "Mommy & Me Mondays". They have face painting, a petting zoo, crafts, and a free Kindermusik class....all for free! They actually have it Tuesdays too and call it "Toddler Tuesdays". We definitely will be going more as the weather is getting more bearable out! We got there around 10:00 am and spent awhile cruising around the Pumpkin Village. It's so fun being there on Mondays with all the moms snapping pictures of their kiddos! On the weekends the dads are all there too rolling their eyes at the never ending photos....or maybe that's just my husband! 

Anyway, we spent most of the time in the pumpkin village then went to set up our quilt and snacks for Kindermusik which I thought was at 11:00 am. Turns out it was at noon, and I didn't bring a picnic lunch, so we just hung out until about 11:30 and headed home for lunch. We're looking forward to going back tomorrow with Lauren and Eliot who have the day off from school! (And in 2 weeks Mimi, Ruthie and Ford will be here and I cannot WAIT for some cousin pictures in the Pumpkin Village!)

She loves all the gourdes! 

E was very concerned about this little girl who was not loving her photo-shoot 

So many pumpkins and kids!

Snack time!

12 Month Well Check

Thursday (October 10) we went in for Embry's 12 month check up. 

She was such a good girl. Although, for the first time she was a little weary of the doctor checking her ears, nose, heartbeat, etc. It's so funny because our pediatrician is a sweet, soft spoken woman who has a baby girl 6 weeks older than Embry and she's always loved her. Anyway, a week ago we were mailed the ASQ Questionaire again for this check up. (Our pediatrician does it at 4 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, 36 mo, and 48 mo). She is ahead developmentally in all five categories (communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social). Jacob and I were able to fill out most of the answers one night together, but some we couldn't answer and had to try out (i.e. if baby sees you scribble on paper will she mock you). Anyway, she was way above the "cutoff" in all categories. Yay!!

She weighed in at 22.0 pounds (70%), was 31 inches long (95%) and her head circumference was 46.8 cm (90%). She had to get FIVE shots and get blood drawn out of her foot. Luckily they did the blood draw first and she didn't even flinch. She was super interested in the nurse squeezing her bloody toe to fill up a vile. Then the five shots (I think they typically get four, but we had her flu shot done too) were awful! Poor girl was SO sad, but calmed quickly when I picked her up. 

Headed out for the doctor!

Hey I was just here last week!



Doctor's check up went well...waiting for shots....

Pretty girl

Feeling pretty good after a 3 hour afternoon nap after her shots!

Poor little legs!

2 mo, 4 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 12 mo!

2 Months
Weight: 13 pounds 2.5 ounces (>95%)
Height: 24.5 inches (>95%)

4 Months
Weight: 15 pounds 9.5 ounces (93%)
Height: 26.5 inches (>95%)

6 Months
Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces (88%)
Height: 28 inches (>95%)

9 Months
Weight: 20.0 pounds (75%)
Height: 29 inches (93%)

12 Months
Weight: 22.0 pounds (70%)
Height: 31 inches (95%)

Mommy's Night Out!!!!

Tuesday night I had SUCH a treat!!! My good friend Lauren (with Eliot, Embry's future husband...heehee) called me at 5:00 pm in a bind. She and her hubby were set to go to the musical The Lion King at Fair Park, but Eliot's asthma was flaring up, bad! She didn't feel comfortable leaving him with his babysitter to do breathing treatments around the clock, so she asked if I wanted to go! Jacob was able to come home 20 minutes early from work and Lauren and I hit the town! We went to a trendy area for dinner and ate at the new, hot restaurant in Dallas! (Funny story, we mentioned to our waiter we had left our babies behind and were out and he said- look at you two moms out at Dallas' new hotspot!- I felt super cool!) Then we headed to the show and had a ball. The whole weaning Embry thing couldn't have happened at a better time. I called Jacob around 7:15 to check in and Embry had been a perfect angel that night and went to bed great for him. She even slept until 7:00 am for Mommy the next morning! Thanks E! 

Friday night Lauren and I went on another Mommy's Night Out to The Beauty Bar. We had this planned for a few weeks and just because we got a surprise GNO on Tuesday, we decided to still go out Friday. The Beauty Bar is a fun 1950's themed bar that on Tuesdays-Fridays from 5:00-9:00pm have a happy hour called "Hammered and Nailed" where you can get a manicure and a fun martini for $10! We'll definitely be going back! 

Two moms out on the town ;)
Embry checking out Mommy's fun nails!

A Girls Best Friend

I realized this week I had a lot of Embry and Athena pictures. They have quite a love/love relationship. Jacob and I can't figure out who loves the other more! I honestly think Athena is the best family dog ever. She is SO sweet with Embry. 

Our morning routine...the girls out front waving bye-bye to Daddy

Cleaning up spilled Cheerios

Theenie being a good sport

Body slamming hugs

The girls after a walk! 

My two little garden helpers


Playing with her new magnets from the Harts!

Another birthday toy!

Bump on the eye... this age is crazy, so many bumps and bruises!

She has started being VERY cuddly after her afternoon nap. All week she was a little crabby getting up from that nap and has needed to cuddle for 10 minutes or so. 

For the first time ever Facebook's facial recognition tagging system thought me and Embry were the same person! 

Looking like a toddler snacking in the cart!

Hardcore girlie!

Halloween gear!

Practicing her scribbles....with markers! (Don't worry I bought crayons since!) 

She tried a new food that may be her favorite ever... 100% turkey dogs. OMG she inhaled it in about 2.5 minutes. (Don't worry I cut it into fourths long ways, then sliced it 16 times. Yeah so one turkey dog was 64 pieces....I'm scared of her choking on them!)

Breakfast time!

Wednesday library time! Playing with scarves!

Playing with our new puzzle from Great Grandma Gordon!

Sweet girl loves to smile up at me during walks

Loving on her Belle doll (Thanks Ali and Emily!)

More post nap snuggles

DRINKING her apple sauce....

Waiting for Daddy outside!

Her favorite book of all time. (Highly recommend the brand Priddy Books)

Makeup with Mommy in the morning

Our dear neighbor Kerri brought E over a fabulous birthday gift!

Daddy's little helper

It's safe to say she loves her new car!

Reading a new book from Great Gram and Papa Fanning

Not sure who loves the new blocks from Kiki and E-Pa more....Embry or Daddy! 

We had MOPS this week and Embry did great!!! Almost everyone was crying in her room when I dropped her off but she still wiggled out of my arms to get down to play when we got there! 

Snack and puzzle time!

I'm still keeping her rear-facing in the carseat in my car. Legally she can face forward (but most people recommend 2 years old rear facing), but our Britax is so comfy that she doesn't mind. 

Coupon lady at Target!

One evening she decided she did NOT want me to spoonfeed her the yogurt. This is the result of a 12 month old feeding themselves greek yogurt....

She loves getting into the pantry to unpack things....

Embry in her toy corner

E and Daddy 

She will now "smell" flowers (put her nose up to them)

Feeding her baby a bottle

Snack time- I often put Cheerios in our tufted ottoman...keeps her busy for awhile!

Cuddle time with Daddy 

She's into "tickling" our cute!


Embry shopping and squeaking....

Embry laughing with Mommy

Embry playing peek-a-boo

Embry and lovey 

Embry playing with her puzzle 

Embry is busy shopping

Embry drinking her applesauce

Embry finds Mommy's cash

Embry just playing

Embry and Daddy playing with blocks 

Embry and her butterfly push toy

Embry wanting to feed herself....

Embry feeding her baby doll a bottle 

Embry and Lauren Dancing 

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