Sunday, October 27, 2013

Everything Embry: October 27


We didn't make it to "Mommy & Me Monday", but we made it to "Tiny Tot Tuesday" which is the exact same thing.... Free Kindermusik class, face painting, petting zoo, and crafts. E wore one of my favorite smocked dresses I've bought (for a mere $1.59 at a thrift store) and had a ball. She is quite enamored with playing outside these days, so we usually have some playtime before we go on our morning outing and then before dinner. Her favorite thing outside is still acorns. Followed closely by sticks and rocks. She has quite a fun time collecting all her "things" and I'm always able to get cute pictures of her outside! 

A new fave is going to our neighbors driveway for her little alley of pebbles....

Handful of acorns...and lovey. 

Picnic lunch at the Arboretum! 

Cuddles with Mommy during Kindermusik

Petting zoo, she loved the sheep!

Shot of all the kiddos during Kindermusik 

Couldn't go to the Arboretum without a stop in at Pumpkin Village 

One of the many pumpkin houses! 


Wednesday we had our usual outing to the library for music/storytime. We're especially looking forward to this upcoming week where all the kiddos get to wear their costumes. Plus, Ford (and Mimi and Aunt Ruthie) will be here too! I also spent Tuesday night decorating Embry's pumpkin this year, so I got some pictures of her with it. 

Kerri's "rock garden" 

Want an acorn, Athena??


Fun with Miss Jenna 

Fun with scarves, or kites as we are pretending here. 

Smelling the flowers

E and her gold and pink pumpkin! 

Fun with Eliot 

As usual we saw Eliot a bunch this week, but we got to pick him up from school and keep him two afternoons. Of course, Embry was in heaven! 

Front yard play time....and snack time 

Snack time! 

Love these two babies!

Getting the play mat ready for baby Ford!

Eliot fixin up Embry's car 

I imagine him saying...honey, I got this, now get back in the car! 


Toy aisles have become great places to play when we need distraction. 

Cutie Cowboys fan 

Taking the time to smell the flowers.....

Monday morning 

Playing alone 

Here you go Athena!

Not in the mood for fetch, Theenie?

Okay fine I'll rest with you.

Just livin the life...on a walk, feet up, snack in hand!

Was trying to get a shot of her tooth and got this shot of her eye lashes! 

E loading her purse up, while Daddy plays with her blocks....

This is the mess E made by 8:00 am Tuesday morning....after waking up at 5:30 am....UGH!! 

Reading one of her favorites- On the Night You Were Born 

My grocery helper

FaceTime with Aunt Tomi

Post bath selfies 

She thinks she OWNS our street....haha. Waiting for Jacob to come home from work. 

Feeding her baby in her bumbo

Less than 2 months til Christmassssssss! So all of her other fleece PJs are 18 mo and they're BIG on her! These are 12-18 month and actually fit, so we're gonna get some use out of them! Sidenote- I bought these PJs when I was like 8 weeks pregnant for $0.75 at Old Navy on clearance (It was March) didn't know if we were having a boy or girl! 

The many fall outfits of Embry Suzanne =)

Trader Joe's pumpkin selection

Sweetest girl 

Her other top tooth still hasn't made it's appearance! But it's so close!

Morning cuddles 

Saturday afternoon these two were outside doing yardwork for over two hours! I snuck outside to snap this without them seeing me! 

A new favorite food--chicken salad! 


Embry wants to sit in her Bumbo and read...

Embry loves acorns....

Embry watching a video of Ford and Papa...

Embry with her purse and blocks....

Embry being silly in her highchair

Embry being goofy in the bathtub

Embry seeing her pumpkin 

Embry just being busy getting into things!

Embry does open shut them

Embry opening the door for Athena 

Embry reading in the bathtub 

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