Sunday, October 6, 2013

Embry: 52 Weeks

The big birthday week has come and gone! I am doing a separate post on her party, I will post it early this week! 

October 1

I'm starting out with the actual birthday! =) 

Tuesday morning Embry woke up and we had a few balloons waiting for her. She was performing "soooo big" during her meal. Quite appropriate. 

We unfortunately had our midday outing to the pediatrician... Monday evening Embry suddenly became very congested, so Tuesday morning I called the pediatrician since we were flying on Wednesday morning. They wanted to see her since she has had a history of ear infection with no symptoms and flying. (At her check up before her MRI at 8 weeks old she had an ear infection and had been acting perfectly normal!) Anyway, we went to the doctor and no ear infections, but fluid on both ears. He told me infections typically come at the end of colds versus the beginning  so since I was traveling if Embry's sleep becomes affected to give a call and they'll put her on antibiotics. (She got on medicine two days later... after a three hour screaming session in the middle of the night Thursday morning). Her congested was still bad during the day, but she was in good spirits!

We had lunch plans with Jacob but we were running late from the doctor and he had an emergency with a client come up, so we ended up having lunch at home. 

That afternoon we had our neighborhood friends over for a play date! We ended up having 7 moms and 14 kids (not including me and Embry) over for cupcakes! It was a lot of fun and Embry of course had a good time with her "friends"! 

She ended her evening with dinner and FaceTiming with Great Grandma and Papa Fanning and the Harts! Jacob and I enjoyed a nice dinner alone when she went down and we shared a bottle of champagne to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our favorite girl! 

Sooooo big =)


Snotty girl! Poor nose!

Here's an acorn Mommy! 

We went and visited neighbor Kerri before lunch and the two girls made themselves right at home!

Play date

Cupcakes all around....well graham crackers for Embry!

The Rest of Our Week....

We had a few days at home...Sunday we had friends over for the Cowboys game and kicked off Embry's birthday week with an awesome gift from the Hickmans! 

Wednesday, Jacob dropped us off at the airport and we flew down to Austin. Embry was SUCH a good girl and fell asleep about 60 seconds before take off and stayed asleep until we landed and taxied to the gate! 

We had a fun few days in Austin getting prepped for the party! Embry and I spent an afternoon and evening at Kiki and E-Pa's house, we had good quality time with Great Grandma and Papa Fanning, had a play date with a friend of mine with a little boy (Nolan) who is a few weeks older than Embry, and got the surprise of year!!! 

At lunch on Friday, the gang (my parents, grandparents, sisters and E) were all at Plucker's waiting on my dad when he walks in with my Aunt Jamie!!!!!!!! From Chicago!!!! (Embry's birthday twin and my godmother) She flew down to surprise us for the party and to meet the babies! It was amazing!!! I am SO honored she came down for Embry's was just perfect! 

Her party was just perfect and like I said above, I'll post a ton of pictures soon!

Before we headed back home we soaked up lots of good family time (still not believing we had Aunt Jamie in town!), visited one of my best friends new babies (born October 2), and attended a baby shower! It was SUCH a fun weekend and we are SOOOO lucky we have so many family and friends who were so involved with Embry's birthday week!

Looking too old sipping her milk


Peek-a-boo at the airport!

Sleepy girl on the plane

Mimi had surprised us with a new dolly and stroller at the airport (these are now "Mimi's house" dolly and stroller!) 

Papa and his grands

Me and the babes

Kiki and the puppet!

Having so much fun with Kiki

Love this, only six people admiring her....

She just adores James!

Good night smooches!

My little Fordy boy!

Cousins =)

Embry and her chalkboard print from Fly on the Wall Ink !!!

My happy, happy one year old!

Play date with Nolan!

Cheerios for the babes

Embry and Nolan

Me, E, Nolan and Monica! (Jacob and Monica have known each other since Kindergarten!!!)

After the big surprise!!!

The babes with Aunt J!

Mimi and Papa

Smooches for my Fordy boy

Aunt Jamie, E and me 

E had to get on the Ford kisses

Opening gifts from the Runds

She knew exactly what to do!

Cousin bath time...SO cute Ford kept smiling at Embry

Just relaxing on the Sport Court....hahah

Uncle James and Papa teaching E everything they know about b-ball

Practicing her free throws

Silly girl

Margaritas on the patio before bedtime

6:45 sleepy baby

Once E went down I got to get some good QT with Ford =)

GOOFY girl

Me and one of my besties with her new baby girl Avery Anne

SUCH a good girl on our drive home!!!

A new black eye... fell outside into a bench 

We swung by Sonic for her 2 hours into the road trip and she pounded an ENTIRE grilled cheese, finishing off her dinner with her toes....YUM


Embry and her new game when she wakes up...

Embry playing SO well alone... (I sneaked up on her, didn't want her to notice me!)

Embry seeing Eliot arrive at our house

Embry kissing the mirror at the pediatrician (on her birthday)

Embry waking up from nap on her birthday

Embry and her push butterfly from the Hickmans

Embry and her new baby doll

Embry opening her jack-in-the-box from the Runds

Embry laughing with Aunt Tomi

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