Sunday, November 3, 2013

Everything Embry: November 3

*I'm still going to do monthly posts and going to post her 13 month post this week! I just decided what I'm going to do for monthly photos....stay tuned!

Mimi, Ford, and Ruthie Visit 

Monday by noon my mom, sister and nephew arrived for a visit! With two babies, on different nap schedules, we did lots of hanging at the house playing.....which was absolutely PERFECT! Tuesday we had big plans of going to Tiny Tot Tuesday at the Arboretum (Ruthie hadn't ever been to Pumpkin Village). We made it to Pumpkin Village, but the weather was seriously so gross. It was mid 80's and had to be 500% humidity. After snapping some pictures in Pumpkin Village we were all drenched in sweat, so we didn't even mosey over to the other areas of the Arboretum. There was a photo worthy, cousin bath and later that evening Embry had us all cracking up. Ruthie gives Ford one bottle of pumped breast milk a day and he drank all but one ounce of it. We caught Embry CHUGGING the bottle and by the time we took it from her she had polished off a whole ounce. Ironic since she refused the bottle past 4 months old....hah. Wednesday we went to our usual Wednesday at the library down the street, but it was extra fun this week because everyone dressed in their costumes. So E wore her first costume....giraffe. Overall, such a fun visit! 

Let me help you with your sock, Fordy!

Ford trying on his Christmas hat we got him!

We tried on her Christmas dresses to see which one's will fit her...already plotting Christmas Card Pictures. 

Embry really loves her Mimi, and is not quite sure what to do when she holds Ford. She has Mimi carry her around quite a bit during their stay...hah!

Cousins =)

Collecting mulch...hah

Mimi and her grands!!!

So this is a pumpkin stem that fell off of a pumpkin at Pumpkin Village. It managed to come home with Embry in her purse....... and it's been her favorite toy all week. So yeah, a dry rotted pumpkin stem is her favorite thing right now. 

Embry's pumpkin purse from Mimi!
This is what happens when Mommy takes away E's purse....face-in-hands cry..... We are in for it!!
Cousin bath time 

A cute cat and a darling duck 

Embry rocking her lovey 

Hugs for baby Ford

Chugging Ford's bottle 

Morning hugs 

The boys in the house 

Make up with Mimi! One of Embry's favorite things to do! 

Ford as a cute skeleton 

Mimi and the babes 

The cutest giraffe there ever was 

The sisters and babes 


Halloween this year we played a little dress up in the morning to get some pictures in my costume from 1987! Then we headed out on a few errands and it was such a warm day, and finally not miserably humid, that we played for awhile at a park. Sonic was offering 50 cent corndogs, so we swung by there for lunch and Embry loved it as much as I did! Who can blame her!?! That afternoon we got ready for our annual neighborhood party. Jacob came home early from work and got to go with us. There was lots of fun food, costume awards, games, etc. We then went "trick-or-treating" to two neighbors houses with Eliot and his parents. Really we stopped at two friends houses to show off the kids costumes. The kids were spoiled with toys picked out especially for them and the mommies and daddies got wine =) We definitely have a skewed view of trick-or-treating in our 'hood! Such great neighbors! E was in bed by 7:30ish as we've been preparing for the time change. Besides Halloween Jacob has worked late all week and so we've been pushing her bedtime to about 7:15-7:30p....and she's been up early... She's also been super congested all week, so hopefully this upcoming week she'll take the time change fine....

Our Halloween project 

Pumpkin headband from Mimi and Papa 

Embry dressing in Mommy's costume from 1987

Mommy at 15 months (1987) and Embry at 13 months 

Park time play time 

First corndog =)

Third and final costume! 

She's ready!!!!

Love the profile shot of this costume! 

E and some of the big girls Our neighborhood has a HIGH ratio of girls to boys! Lots of friends for E. 

Group shot of most of the kids after the awards ceremony 

Embry's best pal, Eliot, was throwing a fit and she was very concerned....

Someone's ready to trick or treat!

Eliot and Embry at the first house!

Second house!

Our little zebra all tuckered out, ready for bed. 


Shaking her maracas 

Acorn girl! 

Mommy craft time! My pumpkin and Lauren's pumpkin

Our family pumpkins =) 

The Rockyglen Drive yard work crew 

Embry, Daddy, and Athena running home 

Pushing around her cart of treasures, with a bud-light on top! 

I got her a bath time baby, that she loves washing during bath time! 

Scrub the baby 

Waiting for Mimi, Ruthie and Fordy 

I think she looks so little here next to our giant pumpkins! 

Mommy look at my sticks! 

Helping Daddy get ready for work 

Story time at a local church 

Playing at the playground 

Fun seesaw with Lauren and Eliot 

Friday she didn't take a morning nap and around 12:30 pm she kept sneaking off to her room, sucking on her pacifier from her crib and cuddling with her lovey. She's not asleep here, but close to it. Early nap for her! 

Such a good little Mommy! 
Driving cars with Eliot 

Beautiful baby blues =)   (ignore the messy face and snotty nose!)

Early Saturday Morning play time outside

Our sweet girl! Love one piece rompers....still makes her look babyish =)

Miss Buck Tooth...hah

This girl and her vehicles! 

Haha, her tooth is huge! 


Embry's busy outside

Embry giving Athena her balls

Embry opening a gift from Mimi

Embry with her pumpkin bucket 

Embry's first corndog

Embry plays chase with Mommy

Embry reads in the tub

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