Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Todd: Eight Months Old

Eight Month Stats
Weight: 20.2 pounds (done at home...and it's technically 0.2 pounds less than I got him at last month. Maybe our chunk is thinning out. 
Height: 28 inches (done the urologist a few weeks ago)
Diapers: Size 4- Moved up to size 4 this past month and STILL using diapers we were gifted!  
Clothes: 9 month and 12 month clothes mainly. 12 month PJs 
Eating: Loves food and doesn't gag over all table food now. He does well with puffs and pretty much any soft food (veggies, shredded cheese, fruit, etc). He loves his purees and does protein purees now (turkey, chicken, etc). He gets a breakfast and dinner everyday and when I'm home and want to deal with it a lunch. Hah. Nurses 5 times a day.
Sleeping: Sleeps 12 hours straight through the night! Woo hoo! Although it's 6-6. Would be the icing on the cake if he could go 7-7, but no matter what time his afternoon nap, he's ready for by at 6:00. He takes 2 naps a day, usually 1.5-2 hours each.
Teeth: Two teeth! His second bottom tooth came in! He doesn't appear to be getting the top teeth yet!

New Things!

*Big motor skill month for Todder man!
*Crawling, legit crawling like a maniac. Started before 7.5 months and is fast!
*Pull up on anything and everything. Every toy, couch, chair, person, and crib in his sight is fair game!
*Sits up really, really sturdy now. Like I can set him down on the concrete at the park and trust him not to fall over. Although...he still rarely sits and much prefers to be crawling and pulling up.
*Obsessed, absolutely obsessed with Daddy and Embry. I think he's also a Mama's Boy too, but man when Jacob or Embry walk into the room he can't do anything else and just grins or giggles at them. On that note, I think he's getting a touch of separation anxiety from me. At church a few weeks ago he fussed a bit when we dropped him off and same thing at MOPS. Although when I picked him up they told me the poor guy didn't get a lot of attention because they had a ton of babies and he was so well behaved and chill on his own.
*Waves bye-bye! Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
*Not new, but I swear it's getting worse...his spit up situation. Still SO, SO spitty. Ugh. It's gross! I cannnnnottttt wait til he's over this. But he's the definition of what doctors call a "happy spitter". Doesn't phase him ONEEEE bit and he spits up over and over while grinning away. He doesn't even seem to notice.
*We moved him to his "big boy" (convertible) carseat. Done with the baby carrier and now in the same Britax carseat Embry is in, although he's still rear facing of course. With the baby carrier weighing 13 pounds and Todd weighing 20, I was never taking it out of the car anymore.
*Poor thing has bad eczema flare ups since it's warming up, just like big sister did her first year. I took him to the doctor this month for a pesky patch that wouldn't clear up with anything I had at home. We got a prescription cream and it worked really well to clear it up.


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