Sunday, May 8, 2016

The House of Higgins: May 8

Sunday Funday

Last Sunday after church and naps we had our neighbors over for a cookout! It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

E and her tree!


Big Week for Toddy

It was a big week for our Todder man. First of all we had what was supposed to be his last follow up appointment at the pediatric urologist...but the doctor said there's still a small amount of swelling in his left testicle. He doesn't think it's another hernia, but wants to see us in a few weeks. He did say that residual swelling can happen up to six months and T's barely four months post-surgery, so we're praying that's the case and no further action will need to happen!

Also, along with becoming a crawling machine these past few weeks, he's now pulling up on all things! CRAZY! E didn't start pulling up til around 9 months old. He's even started pulling up in his crib, crazy boy! He thinks he's SO big! Hah! 

He's also getting much better about eating table food. He doesn't gag as much and will actually ingest more things! It's nice I can put him in his highchair and give him some diced veggies or puffs and he's content for awhile! 

Cinco de Mayo!

Thursday was Cinco de Mayo and my love of holiday kids clothing prevailed! We met a bunch of friends at "Space ship park" on White Rock Lake (where E's been begging to go lately) and it was a gorgeous day to play, picnic, and feed ducks!

T's adorable outfit that Grandma Gordon got in Mexico!

E and her three blonde beaus- William, David, and Caleb- in the space ship

E in August of 2014 and May 2016 in the same dress

Friday Funday

Friday afternoon we had Lauren and Eliot over for drinks, swimming and slip'n sliding. T looked adorable in his first time in a swim suit. Thanks to Kiki and E-Pa for each of the kids adorable suits!

Saturday Funday (I'm real original with titles, huh)

Saturday Jacob and Embry went to the monthly Home Depot Kids Workshop and for a few other errands around town. Embry's been pumped about it all week..ready to go do "crafts at Home Depot". Hah! Then Kiki came for a visit for a few hours since she was in town for the day!


I adore watching her play alone, in her own little word!

Writing notes for her teachers- Ms. Kathy and Ms. Ann for Teacher Appreciation!

Ms. Ann and Ms. Kathy!

Our neighbors found a turtle Wednesday afternoon! Oh such fun! Hah!

Life's hard being Todd

T absolutely adores his Daddy. It's hilarious how when Jacob's in the room Todd just swoons over him.

No more baby car seat! T's in his big boy convertible car seat!

Todd Higgins- 2040 Law school graduate!

New rug for our play room

Mmmmm Todd loves books


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