Sunday, May 1, 2016

The House of Higgins: May 1

We Have a Crawler...With Eczema...And a Second Tooth!

Toddy boy is officially a crawler. He's been army crawling for weeks, but as of Friday he's doing the official on hands and knees crawl. The only video I have he's naked crawling! Hah! I spent most of Saturday away at a MOPS Leadership Training, but Jacob said he was crawling a ton! 

Also, this week I finally decided to take T into the pediatrician when none of my tricks were working on a bad rash on his hips. He's had eczema flare ups since he was born, just like his big sister, but this seemed different and cortisone cream wasn't doing the trick. (Nor was anything else I tried). And the poor boy was clawing at his hips non-stop and would cry when his diaper was off and he was scratching the rash. Well, turns out it was just a bad eczema flare up and a prescription steroid cream has done the trick in a day! Yay. 

Lastly, this morning T woke up and his second bottom tooth had cut through. Such a good boy, besides gnawing on his entire hand and being drooly...he hasn't been fussy or anything. 


Matilda Jane Photo Shoot

Embry got to be a part of a Matilda Jane Release Photo Shoot for the second month in a row! She had a blast and the pictures were so so cute! We both had fun being a part of it!

Backyard Blooms!




Going under =)

The two messiest! Blackberries and apple sauce all over

Babysitting a friends two girls. A house full of activity for sure

E has discovered changing out her earrings and she's obsessed.

She may look like her daddy, but she's mama through and through. Todd starting finger foods and making a mess has been stressful on Embry. Hahah

Concentrating on his scrambled eggs


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