Sunday, May 22, 2016

The House of Higgins: May 22

Embry's Speech Update

 We *finally* had Embry's ARD at the elementary school we feed into to find out the results of her speech evaluation. In the meeting was a speech pathologist, the school principal, and one of the Pre-K teachers. The results were exactly what we expected...she scored really, really low on articulation. She had to be in the bottom 7th percentile or worse and she was in the 6th percentile. It was reiterated to us over and over that there is no other issue besides articulation. She was given three other tests at the evaluation and she scored in the 87th, 83rd, and 85th percentiles for expressive language, receptive language and overall total language. (Language being the amount of words, or knowing them and articulation meaning pronouncing them correctly). So the great news is she qualifies for speech therapy twice a week! 

We will go Tuesday and Friday this upcoming week and possibly next week, but then we break for the summer. Since it's through the school district and the therapy will take place at our neighborhood elementary school, they work on the school schedule. So that's a bummer. But I'm glad she can get a few sessions in before August.

Coffee Park

 Love, love, love park play dates with our buds! Days like these make me so happy I get to stay home with my babies! Picnic lunching with some of your besties and all their kids...perfection!

Dancing with William

Sweet Todder

Mooney eyes!

The day after we went to Coffee Park, it popped up on my Timehop that we were at the same park, and I had taken pictures of her in the same spot! hah! CRAZY how much she changed in one year! And I thought she was tall and skinny back then!

Rainy Day Fun

Thursday we woke up to pourrrrring rain which meant we had to put E's new raincoat to use. She loves jumping in puddles =) We spent the morning at one of the Dallas' REC centers at the indoor playscape where we had Embry's third birthday party! For the first time I had to pay for Todd to get in since he'd be playing and boy did we get his $3 worth! He had the time of his little life! Hah!

Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden



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