Sunday, May 15, 2016

The House of Higgins: May 15

Mother's Day

Last Sunday I had a wonderful Mother's Day! We had an early breakfast at my choice, Cracker Barrel =) Then I got to get out by myself and go shopping for myself, which never happens! And went to get a nice long pedicure. We went out to dinner that night and out to a new old fashioned ice cream shop in our neighborhood. It was the perfect day being spoiled by Jacob!

Meeting my first baby...the day I became a mama!

My four Mother's Days!

My present!!! Silhouettes of my babies!

Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden

Tuesday we met friends at the Children's Garden at the Arboretum, which is basically like a children's museum outside! The kids had a blast....but it was SOOOO hot! Already!

The Gentle Zoo

Friday we went out to the cutest little farm called The Gentle Zoo. It's in Forney, which only took me about 20-25 minutes to get to. We went right when they opened at 9 and stayed for hours and hours. They had a great play area, giant sand box, jumping pillow, lots of old school play equipment, animals to feed, train to ride on, etc. We went with my friend Lindsey and her two girls (and her baby boy in her belly who was born the next day!)!! The girls had an absolute blast playing and we had to tear them away and beg them to go feed the animals after playing for over two hours. We were some of the only people there. We'll definitely be back!

Big Pulling Up Boy

Toddy sure thinks he's big stuff pulling up on everything. He's so funny and when he gets up to standing, he lets out quick little yells. Almost his way of beating his chest, saying "look at me! I'm so big!" I lowered his crib this week after he spent over an hour one nap standing up and squealing. Hah. He's officially into EVERYTHING!

Daddy's little twin! I mean....they are identical!!!

Relaxing Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend just spending lots of time at home together and Saturday one of my besties had her baby boy, Madden, so Sunday I got to go see him and snap a bunch of pics of him at 12 hours old! When I came home to almost 8 month old Toddy, he seemed huge!

Rock painting

(Mowing with Embry 3 years ago)


One morning she drew all six of these and said they're for Ford. LOL no clue what they are. All almost identical.

So proud of her writing!

Love them playing together!

Doesn't get much cuter!



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