Monday, January 18, 2016

Todd: Four Months Old

Four Month Stats
Weight: 17.2 pounds (taken at home- we have his 4 month well check Wednesday and I'll update)
Height: 25 inches (taken at home- we have his 4 month well check Wednesday and I'll update) 
Diapers: Size 3. Just moved him up a few days ago!
Clothes: 6 Month clothes mainly! 3-6 months, and anything Ralph Lauren he can wear 9 months! Wearing 6 Month PJs...although because of his chunky thighs I may move him up to 9 month PJs soon, hah.
Eating: Nurses every 2-4 hours during the day. Still not on any sort of eating schedule. I pretty much feed him when he shows hunger signs.
Sleeping: OYE! Not sure if we're going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression or what. But ever since he got croup on Thanksgiving his sleep has regressed. He's still waking 1-3 times at night but as of 2 weeks ago we've been trying to soothe him versus me feeding him each time. If he wakes before 2:00 am, he gets patted on the back, offered a pacifier, etc. Since then he's had a few really good nights...and then some where he still wakes up at 12a, 2a, and 5a.... Mama is READY for some good sleep! Since learning to roll tummy to back, it's affected his naps some...but the past few days his naps seem back on track. I will sleep a full night one day again, right?

New Things!
*First Christmas in Austin!
*Had surgery (circumcision and hydrocele repair) and did SO awesome!He's all healed up from both parts of the surgery and the incisions from his hydrocele look great!
*First giggles! So sweet!
*Still spits up quite a bit. Mainly after he eats if he has to go straight in his car seat or lays flat. 
*Rolled over tummy to back at 3.5 months. 
*All of the sudden will take a pacifer! (Nuk brand like Embry)
*Took 3.5 ounces of a breast milk bottle just this past weekend! There is hope!!!! *Loves watching Embry do anything...including singing directly in his face. 
*SUCH a smiley boy! 
*Not doing great on nighttime sleep...
*Notices and loves Athena!



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