Sunday, January 24, 2016

The House of Higgins: January 24

Todd's Four Month Well Check

I posted Todd's Four Month Update here last Monday =) Wednesday I took him to his well check while Embry was at school. They got T's weight at 16 pounds 4 oz (89%) and his height at 24.75 inches (50%) and his head at 43.75 cm (73%). Our normal pediatrician is out on maternity leave, but I liked the doctor we saw! He said that Todd looked perfect (duh!) and seems really strong. He thinks he'll be sitting within a month and get teeth within the next two months. We shall see! Todd did well with the shots and ended up sleeping a ton that day.


Toddy Taking a Bottle

Last Sunday Jacob tried to give Toddy a bottle and he took it! Woo hoo! So each day this week I gave him a bottle during the day and he sucked it down. I'm especially shocked he takes it from me, but he doesn't seem to mind! I did try formula on Wednesday and he did not like it at all and got pissed. So I'm going to keep up pumping once-twice a day and giving him the breast milk bottle.

Great Gram and Great Papa Visit

Friday afternoon, my grandparents from Chicago arrived for the weekend. They come to Texas for a month every winter and on their way to central Texas they stopped here! It was SO much fun having them and Embry took to them immediately and was dressed in her tutu and performing within minutes. They hadn't met our Toddy boy yet, so it was fun to introduce them! Saturday morning, despite the chilly weather, we headed to the zoo. A few of the fun animals weren't out, but we did get to see the new Lego exhibit which is really neat. 

We'll get to see them in February in Austin for a few days before they leave which we're so excited about. Embry wasn't happy to see them go and was happy when I told her we get to see them again soon.



My little shopping buddy

E discovered her love of skirts

Still loving gymnastics!

First time in the swing!

A new favorite game- Pet Hair Salon....LOL

Our new shower curtain makes him happy

Embry wearing the dress that my great-aunt Kathy knit for her! Cutest ever!

My kids are both stuffed up and coughing...ugh




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