Sunday, January 10, 2016

The House of Higgins: January 10

Moving on Up

Monday the director at Embry's school pulled me aside and told me she wanted to move Embry up to the next classroom. Embry and two other kids finished out this past week in their current class and are moving up to the next room. I'm excited since this means she's in one of the older rooms now (for instance, she'll get to be apart of the semester pageant/program) but it's bittersweet since we love her teachers! Wednesday I got teary when her teachers sent us home with this little poem. I'm sure the teachers say it to everyone, but they said how much they'll miss her since she's "their sweet girl who never gives them any trouble". =) We met her new teachers and they seem awesome =)

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

We decided to buy a membership to the Perot Museum. We love frequenting the zoo and Arboretum (obviously, haha) but for the cold months and extremely hot months it's nice to now have an indoor option. The kids and I went on Thursday and we went as a family Saturday. Saturday it was packed when we arrived when it opened at 10...and found out members get in at 8:30. I'm sure we'll be utilizing that soon!

She has been playing "camp out" at home SOOOO often (we have no clue where she got it from) so it was perfect when we found the camp out spot on Thursday! She was in heaven!

Todd was there too ;)

These blocks were so cool! Called "sum blocks"!

No matter how you stacked them, the same sum would be the same height! So cool!


Always crafting

Daddy's little clone! In an outfit from the Harts!

Watching big sis running around outside

Can't believe her eyes are really changing to green! I love it!

Toddy boy learned to roll tummy to back this week! Has done it a few times in his crib...woken himself up a few times....ugh!

Loving her bath finger paints from Santa ;)

Happy boy!

Oh my bursting heart!

Daddy and E and T around the same age.

Cold park day with friends!

This day she told me "Don't bug me, I don't need help with my play-doh"........

She was drawing while I was cooking in the kitchen and she told me "oh no! I forgot to draw daddy's belly button". Braggy mom, but I think her people are pretty darn good for age 3!

He loves his baths!

E and I had a fun afternoon decorating for Valentine's Day. It's so fun now that she's so into things. She wanted to put hearts everywhere. We made some old fashioned paper chains for the play room.

I made this with left over felt and burlap in my stash!

Chubby baby thighs

Ready for MOPS

Each kid smiling in a different picture

A friend snapped this picture of me during MOPS...My giant 3 month old! (And no that's not a swim suit top I'm's a name tag ribbon! Hah)

Rolled himself over after a 3 minute! Luckily he went back to sleep after I rolled him back.

Our speaker at MOPS was the photographer I took a class from 1.5 yrs ago...she made a point to talk about taking the candid pictures of your kids, from different perspectives to remember this time in their lives. I took it to heart and after nap that day I snapped a photo of this sweet picnic going on in E's room.

Embry wrote me a letter.... Hehe so cute


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