Sunday, January 3, 2016

The House of Higgins: January 3

Todd's Healing

Our Todder Boy is doing SO well since his surgery! He's not even a week out and he's just happy as can be! His surgeon, his pediatrician, and the nurses at the surgery center were all so right....imagine that...hehe! Babies are truly amazing how quickly they heal! He even gave his first ever giggles on his first day post surgery! I'm still giving Todd Tylenol pretty much every 5-6 hours during the day...not at night anymore..and I'll probably stop soon. But the nurse who called to check up on him said to continue for a week or so and that there's no harm in giving it to him for that long. Anyway, his circumcision seems to look good and be healing (hah I've not been through this before) and his hernia/hydrocele incisions look really good. We have a follow up with his urologist in 5 weeks, and his four month well check in about 2.5 weeks! 

One day post surgery!

Sweet little sleeping boy

2 days post surgery- Toddy's hernia (hydrocele) scars

Embry in Austin

Embry stayed in Austin with my parents until Wednesday afternoon when E-Pa brought her back to Dallas! Luckily he had work here in town and E was able to hitch a ride ;) 

Embry did so great during her stay at Mimi & Papa's house. She was sleeping in until 8 am, taking great naps, not asking to come home...and in fact telling them she didn't want to go home..hah..and overall seemed to have a ton of fun. Mimi, Papa, and Aunt Tomi even took her to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time! It was really nice to have the time to concentrate on Todd and give him extra attention...but it was so nice to get our girl home! After just a few days you forget how much fun a three year old is! Trying sometimes, of course, but so much fun. 

The one time we FaceTimed! Happy to see me...for about 2 minutes then told Tomi she wanted to go play!

She had way to much fun on SnapChat with Aunt Tomi!

She kept asking Tomi to play these games on her phone...hah!

New Years Eve 2015

Jacob worked on NYE and we pretty much had a normal evening, with champagne added! Hah. We are pretty addicted to the Netflix Docu Series, Making a Murderer, right now, so we snuggled up with champage and chocolate and watched a few episodes. I was definitely asleep by 10:30 that night! 

New Years Day we went to a friends how for a huge New Years Feast. They had stayed up all night smoking two briskets, pulled pork, sausage, turkey legs, and ribs. And it was amazing! We got to be back together with a ton of our friends, the kids played, and we feasted! And then our kids came home and napped for hours and we were able to binge watch more Making a Murderer....hah!

#goals (can you tell where she'd been recently....hah)

No one else I'd rather ring in the new year with!

Caroline's Dress Up Party

Yesterday one of Embry's besties turned three and we went to her dress-up birthday party. Todd was actually due to nap, so he and Jacob stayed behind and on our way there I realized it was my first time out of the house with just Embry since Todd's birth! Totally need to do it more often! As always, Embry had a blast at the birthday party and didn't want to leave when it was over.

Cinderella ready to go!

Shaking it in the mirror

The birthday girl admiring her face paint!

E and her besties! Sophie, Caroline, and William! (And Bonnie Boo!)

Soccer Goal

E's had a ball playing with all of her new Christmas toys this week and finally yesterday we set up her soccer goal in the backyard during her nap. When she got up (still in her Cinderella dress, of course) she was thrilled to play!

Seeing her soccer goal set up after her nap.


Don't break the ice!

My life. LOL Embry dancing all the time in the background

So happy to have our Embry back bringing the ultra girliness back to our house

She loves her new jewelry music box from Mimi and Papa

Little Miss has to take a bucket on all walks to collect things

Even Toddy likes Making a Murderer

Her imagination amazes me everyday! She made her piggy bank this house out of dominoes and then had a birthday party for him. I told her Piggy started with a P and she made a card with a P on it. Love her!

She also loves Toddy's new trucks!

Cute or creepy? Hah



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