Sunday, January 17, 2016

The House of Higgins: January 17

First Day of Gymnastics

I've been so excited to sign E up for an "extra curricular". She's dying to do dance, but I figured at this age she'd get a little more out of (and burn more energy) doing gymnastics. So I signed her up for a six week session on Monday afternoons (after school). I didn't dare tell her, even before school that day, knowing how excited she'd be. And I was right. When I was getting her dressed in her leotard she was giddy saying "I'm so excited" over and over. 

She had a great time and it was so cute to see her taking instruction from a teacher...she seemed so old. At one point, she couldn't do what they were supposed to do and the teacher had moved on to help someone else and I saw her get frustrated and embarrassed and tear up. It was so sad, I totally wanted to run over to her, but refrained hah. Once she got the hang of it she was so proud.

Toddy having fun kicking around on the floor.

E & E

We had Eliot over to play one afternoon and the kiddos had a blast together. Usually on Wednesdays, Embry goes there for a few hours and has since Todd was born! But his mom was traveling for work this week so we had him over. Though they are quite competitive still and argue some, they definitely play well together these days. Not much of the toy swiping and tears that used to happen every five minutes goes on anymore.

Toddy joins the fun!

The Perot Museum

Friday we went to the Perot Museum with friends. Luckily one of my best friends has a pass and we can each get in another adult and all their kids for free =) So many trips are in our future. Last weekend I was cleaning out a closet in our bathroom and tried to get rid of these huge cosmetic caboodle type things....well they've become Embry's "suitcases" that she packs and takes everywhere.


So I guess there's such thing as a cancer-versary and yesterday, January 16, marks two years of Jacob being cancer free! (Well not to be a downer, or worry wort, but he had his PET scan Friday and we will get results in a few weeks, and we have no reason to believe any cancer is back!) But two years ago Jacob had the surgery to remove the cancer and has been healthy since! We are so, so thankful for his health!


E loves to get into Toddy's crib when he wakes up. He doesn't seem to mind.

If the TV is on in the room, he will find it.

BIG NEWS! T has started to take a paci!

"Roasting marshmallows" (Cotton balls and Q Tips)

Yup. I did it!

Grocery shopping with a sleepy boy.

So obsessed with his tongue lately

Hilarious angle...legs for days.

My crew on a walk

Her favorite things...making birthday cards for people.

Still rolling and waking himself up....

She loves games =)

Poor brother in a Minnie towel (Embry wanted to use his shark towel that day)

Roasting actual marshmallows =)


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