Monday, December 28, 2015

The House of Higgins: December 28

Todd's Surgery

I'm going backwards and starting with Todd's surgery that was today! 

For a recap, Todd was born with hydrocele, which is basically a type of hernia inside the testicle that happens when the testicles are descending. That was stopping him from being able to get his circumcision done, along with the fact that the foreskin didn't go all the way to the end. So, poor guy basically had three mini surgeries done at once today. He has two incisions on his pubic bone area (that are much larger than I thought!), since he had hydrocele in each testicle. And then they did the circumcision. Everything went really well and he did great.

He wasn't able to eat after 3:00 am so I got up at 2:45 to nurse him one last time. Jacob and I were up in the 4:00 hour and got T up at the last minute at 5:15 when we had to leave to be at the surgery center by 6:00 am. Shockingly, it was snowing really hard on us when we got there, but nothing was sticking to the ground. He was a champ and didn't fuss the hour we were waiting around doing paperwork, talking with the doctor, etc. 

The surgery lasted about 1 hour 45 min and the doctor said he did great. He came out of anesthesia pretty well and nursed right away then fell back asleep for our car ride home plus another hour at home. I could tell when the pain block wore off around 1pm, but I've been keeping up on his Tylenol (the only pain med he can have...ouch) and he really has been in good spirits today! Let's pray for tonight! 

We left our big girl in Austin and it's been nice to be able to help T heal and give him one on one attention. She had fun with Jacob's parents yesterday and is with my parents til Wednesday. 

Mimi, Papa, E, Kiki, E-Pa!

The night before surgery

Before surgery

Nap on Mommy at home

Train to Downtown Austin

Okay, now back to Christmas week! 

One morning we caught the train in North Austin with my family and went downtown to go see a gingerbread house display at the Four Seasons and have lunch. Of course, as they do with anything when they're together, Embry and Ford had a ball!

Waiting for the train with donuts!

Gus' Fried Chicken!

Stickers on the train ride back

The Week of Christmas

Here's a photo dump of the rest of our week leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas! Always a fun time in Austin with family and friends.

Papa's the best. Playing doctor with E!

Going to an engagement party!

Todd with uncle Luke

E-Pa and Embry

Eating cake with Great Grandma Gordon

Hide-and-go-seek at Ford's

Lucy and Todd- almost the same size

Mine and my college roommates kids!

Highschool besties!

Triple date at the movie theater!

Meeting baby Mitch MacLane!

Baby besties! Toddy and Mitchy!

We went on a walk and she ran up to a "crying" baby Jesus to comfort him

E asleep in her "special bed" (in the closet) at Mimi and Papa's

Craft time!

Christmas Eve: With the Embrys

We spent Christmas Eve with Jacob's parents and had a wonderful day celebrating Christmas with them, Great G-Pa and then the annual Christmas Eve celebration at Great Grandma Gordon's house! 

We spent Christmas Eve night there as well and Santa came to visit E and T! We did Santa Christmas morning before heading to the Fannings. For MONTHS Embry has been asking for Play-Doh. And only Play-Doh for Christmas. So we went with it. But then a few weeks ago she started saying Santa was bringing her Play-Doh and a doll. So I found this Sophia doll on a whim right before we left. Well, Christmas morning she ran down the stairs and said "New Play-Doh! I always wanted new Play-Doh! Oh, I only wanted one doll." (She had gotten a doll from G-Pa the day before.....Hahah. She's easy to please.

Embry (2012), Jacob (1985) and Todd (2015) in Jacob's Christmas outfit!

Hanging in the "fort"

Ready to open gifts!

Ready to bake cookies with Kiki in matching aprons! (gift from last year!)

Loved this side by side of 2014 and 2015 gingerbread cookie baking with Kiki

Toddy smiling at E-Pa

The toys at Great Grandma's House! E walked in and said- where are my toys?

Eating BBQ

Grinning at GGG!

Grandma always has a "guess how many" candy jar and this year Jacob submitted a guess for Embry as well...and "she" was TWO off! 139 kit-kats are now in our kitchen...hah!

Santa made a stop at Kiki and E-Pa's!

Sleeping with her Elsa doll!

Christmas Day: With The Fannings

We were over to the Fannings by 9:00 am on Christmas morning where we ate and opened a million presents! We spent the day relaxing, opening gifts, and playing games. It was the perfect day!

Embry and Ford buried in the gifts!

Have I mentioned my crush on Michael Strahan

Tomi gifted these to all of us and they're a huge hit! Hah!

Christmas walk, visiting Jesus again

The Fanning Grands! Holidays are so much more fun with these guys around!

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