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Everything Embry: August 3...Fannings in Colorado

Baby Todd Update

Before our vacation, I had my 30 week checkups at my Perinatologist and OBGYN. I was actually 30.5 weeks the day of my sonogram with my perinatologist and "baby boy" (as Embry calls him) was measuring around 3 pounds 12 ounces, which the doctor said it a bit bigger than average, but still not too big. Although, his head is measuring 32-33 weeks. I had the nurse and the doctor reassure me that there's nothing I could do to slow that down, hah. The doctor just told me some babies have bigger heads.... well after the hell we went through with Embry, that's pretty much what we learned. Lastly, my fluid levels are 100% normal and there are zero signs of polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) which I got at the end of my pregnancy with Embry and was SO, SO, SO uncomfortable. So I'm hoping that stays!

Before Colorado Trip

We spent Monday and Tuesday getting ready for our trip to Colorado and going to three doctors appointments...hah!

How I wanted to send E to school....and how she went to school! She loves her light up pink cowgirl hat from Great Grandma Gordon!

Since E has grown 4 inches since January 1, she's outgrown her coats. We had to borrow neighbor Eliot's fleece coat for our trip....and that meant Embry wouldn't take it off! Hah!

Swimming with friends Tuesday before our trip!

Colorado with the Fannings: Estes Park

Wednesday morning we got up early and off we went to meet the rest of the Fanning crew in Denver, Colorado. The past three years for Christmas my parents have gifted us a family vacation and we love it! This year, my moms maternal side of the family was hosting their every-other-year family reunion in Granby, Colorado at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch and we extended the vacation a few days and my parents rented a big house in Estes Park. Colorado is absolutely gorgeous in the summer and Jacob and I decided we want to try to come back in the summer soon! It was so refreshing to escape the Texas heat and there's just so much fun, outdoor stuff to do!

Me help too! Luckily we checked our bags because Embry HAD to pull hers the whole way.

We had a portable DVD player for the plane, but Embry was SO good and did workbooks and other activities the entire way.

We definitely had a 12 passenger van for the 10 of us! It was hilarious and fun to all be together the whole time.

Mimi and Papa with their grands! We stopped in Boulder for lunch on our way from Denver to Estes Park.

The brothers-in-law

When in have to snap a pic by a dispensary, right?

View off of the balcony outside of mine and Jacob's room in Estes Park!

Poppy's Restaurant in downtown Estes Park

Picking out treats!

Eating green ice cream "to match her green jacket"....I have created a monster! Hah!

Cousin bedtime stories

Embry and Ford picking flowers in the earlllllyyy morning

First cousin sleepover and the time changes means we got to see the sunrise the first morning

Breakfast babies

Coffee on the back porch

Watching a bunny in the backyard!

After a hike with the daddies

Embry's treasures she found during her hike

While Jacob, the Harts and James went on an ATV tour, Mimi, Papa, and I took the kids on the Estes Park Aerial Tram and got some amazing views of Estes Park!

Selfies with Mimi

Lucy was at our feet in her carrier, I promise ;)

Riding up the mountain

The ATV crew

Popsicles on the back porch

Jon, James, Jacob in downtown Estes

Morning donuts

Our house and van in Estes Park!

Medical Scare in Estes Park

While our time in Estes Park was amazing, Thursday afternoon was one of the scariest of my life. While Jacob, the Harts and James were ATVing, my dad took our one vehicle to go pick them up (an hour round trip with no cell service). We had the kids outside eating popsicles and my mom and I decided to bring them in. I took a wash cloth outside to clean them up. As I was wiping down Embry I yelled to my mom- weird, her toe is bleeding (baby toe, on her right foot). Within seconds she was acting STRANGE, SUPER WHINEY, almost mumbling for me to hold her. I carried her the 5 feet inside and as I was crossing the threshold into the house she went completely limp in my arms. She flopped over in half like a rag doll and I SCREAMED for my mom. Luckily my mom was right there and Embry's eyes were rolling in her head, she was just totally out. I was screaming and didn't know what to do and I rushed her to the kitchen sink and put her feet in icy cold water. We immediately thought she was bit by something, but we still don't know.

She came to probably 15 seconds later, but was dazed for about another minute, not able to talk. My mom ran to neighbors houses to see if they had cars, we were going to rush her to the hospital. By the time she got back, she was on the phone with 911, but Embry was talking and seemed okay. The dispatchers were so nice and said to call back if we needed anything. I immediately then called her pediatrician's after hours which sent me straight to the nurses at Children's Hospital in Dallas. They reassured me if she was breathing and acting normally she should be fine, but they called my doctor to be safe. While we were waiting for the call back from them, I called and scheduled an appointment for an hour away at a local Urgent Care, hoping the crew would be back with the car by then... One of the pediatricians from our office called back and said he didn't think she needed to be seen, that she just passed out...possibly from pain (we still don't know) or holding her breath. The Children's Hospital nurses called to check in a few more times that night and even the next day. That afternoon she seemed back to herself within 20 minutes, jumping, singing and running around with Ford...just babying her right foot a bit. To my surprise, Jacob (who is known for babying Embry jussssssst a little bit, hee hee) didn't think she needed to be seen either, as he spent his childhood with fainting spells. I was in a funk the rest of the day and couldn't stop thinking about holding her and watching her go limp and out of it. I slept on a trundle bed on the floor next to her that night and it took me a day or so to let her out of my sight.

I'm calling her pediatrician this morning to chat a little further about what happened...we'll see!

Drive Through Rocky Mountain National Park

Our drive from Estes Park to Snow Mountain Ranch took us on the 40 mile drive through Rocky Mountain National Park and it was breathtaking, my dad's word of the trip! ;) We got out to stop a few times and once for a little hike where we saw a mama and baby moose!

Jacob and my dad spotting the moose!

Snow Mountain Ranch: Granby, Colorado

We spent the second half of our vacation in Granby, CO at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch at the Rainey Family Reunion. There was SO, SO much to do, it was a great place for a big group (65 people) to meet. Our crew zip-lined, tubed, did archery, explored, etc. I definitely had zip lining envy!

Embry keeping busy during zip lining!

Zip lining group

Jacob getting ready to zip line

Embry asleep on our pull out couch

Mimi gave E her chocolate milk in a coffee cup and called it coffee and Embry thought she was SUPERRRR cool!

E loves her Lucy!

The tubing hill!

Embry ready to go tubing with Daddy....she chickened out at the top of the hill....hah

Four generations of ladies =)

Jacob and the kiddos at the craft house

Archery =)

My target LOL

My moms family (missing her brother and family and of course Tomi)

The Fanning Ten!

The Harts

Last night of vacation

Gorgeous sunset on our last night

Running in the lobby of our lodge

Hanging after the kids went to bed in our rooms!

Red Rocks Amphitheater on our drive back to Denver Sunday

Vacation sure tired is little one out. A few days with no nap, staying up late, non-stop playing! Means a car nap at 10am for E!

Airport crafts!

Tired girl on the flight home

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