Sunday, April 26, 2015

Everything Embry: April 26


It's been a super rainy past few weeks, but every chance we get to be outside we do! 

Helping Daddy water our new flower pots 

Embry digging for snails 

Play date at the park- Embry sat with the babies on the blanket for about half of the time. 

Fruit bowl

Watering her flowers 

Queen of the world!

Play date at Coffee Park

Her favorite rock wall at the park 

Watching the lady bug with William 


The three amigos 

Running laps at the park 

Took a tough spill at the park- bloody knee and elbow, poor thing 

Accidental Potty Training

I really had NO intention of potty training Embry until she started showing some interest and later in the summer when we had a free week. But Thursday morning I woke up and the weather was really crummy and we had no plans so I decided to put Embry in underwear after she ate breakfast and see what the day brought. Well, much to my surprise....she kept her undies dry until she peed on the potty and didn't have any potty accidents ALL day. She took a 3 hour nap and even kept her diaper completely dry. I took her to the bathroom LITERALLY every 20 min, the longest we went was 30 minutes. A big thing was we walked down to our neighbors to borrow their potty seat for the big toilet and that seems to have done the trick! She pooped in her, but was stressed when she did it. Friday she made it all day with no accidents and that even included being gone from the house for 3 hours in underwear at a birthday party!!! (I had one of those plastic pair of undies over her cotton undies). She is even now running to the bathroom, unprompted when she has to go and we're down to making her try once an hour. 

She barely wore clothes the rest of the week to make frequent potty stops easier. 

So proud of my big girl!!!

In her plastic undies, ready for her friends birthday party!

Going on our first outing in undies! (Yes, those are dish towels I have under her just in case!)

After holding it for 3 hours (not wanting to go in a public bathroom, eek) she did great right when we got home from the birthday party!


Our "one more minute" timer still works like a charm! 

Mornings full of marching band around the house!

Lining and counting things, one of her favorite things 

Love also doubles as sunglasses 

She loves "me game"....just putting the coins in Connect 4! 

I always am tempted by the Costco pizza and I decided on days we pick up my Lovenox shots, we will treat ourselves to pizza!! And we shared an ice cream sundae! 

She is obsessed with the new addition to her room- a piece of string to hang artwork from! 

Just have to brag on some awesome meals I made this week! Delish Korean beef!

"Zoodles" (zucchini noodles) and pesto shrimp! 

Chicken Lomardy! Mmmm!! Mushrooms and marsala!

Cutest little E girl!

She cannot stand when she sees dirt on the ground...she has to get her broom to sweep it up! 

My daily obsession- fruit cups- mango, pear, and raspberries with whipped cream and cinnamon! 

More lining up pennies 
Birthday party play time!

Loving her face paint 


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